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Top 10 Food Retailers in the UK – An Overview of Supermarkets around Central London, United Kingdom

Food is our common ground, a universal experience” – James Beard.

Food plays an important part in people’s lives, and its consumption is inevitable. It is a vital commodity that fuels our bodies for the energy needed to perform daily activities and sustains our health. Across retail, the food retail industry is by far the largest ahead of clothing, health and personal care, among others. In the United Kingdom, this remains true. Going grocery shopping in the United Kingdom leaves consumers with a vast array of choices due to the different alternatives of supermarkets available nationwide.

In this StarInsights report, we are providing you with a review of the key grocers present in the UK based on their market positioning.

Market Research Analysis – Grocery Shopping For the British People

As of 2022, it is known that nearly 89% of British people opt to do their grocery shopping at supermarkets. Additionally, over half of the population goes shopping at least or twice a week, with an average spend of $31.8. Not all supermarkets are the same in the United Kingdom. Where British people choose to shop depends on what stores offer as far as the price point, the range of products and the location are concerned. The latter is a major point because supermarkets in the UK largely differ based on where they are situated. 

Customers Reviews 

What food retailers lead the list of top 10 in the UK? A list of 10 supermarket chains was compiled based on collected data surveying which supermarkets were the most loved supermarkets by the British people (Statistica, 2022). A narrowed-down approach for this report is by focusing on grocery stores located in areas of Central London. We sampled customers’ reviews featured on Google Maps and assembled them for you. Read on to find out what customers have to say as of 11 October 2022. 

Best Rated Grocery Stores in Central London, UK

Supermarkets Ratings Number of reviews
Waitrose (JL Food Hall) 4.5 682
Aldi (125-133 Camden High St) 4.4 1014
Lidl (145 Tottenham Ct Rd)  4.4 1165
Marks and Spencer (173 Oxford St) 4.2 7261
Sainsbury’s (129-133 Kingsway) 4.1 2359
Co-op (185 Old St) 4.1 177
Iceland (112, 113 Lower Marsh) 4.1 413
Morrisons (264 Walworth Road) 4.0 1949
Tesco Superstore – 107 Dulton Road 3.6 723
Asda Superstore (Old Kent Rd) 3.4 782

Most Reviewed Supermarkets in Central London, UK

Supermarkets Number of reviews Ratings
Marks and Spencer (173 Oxford St) 7261 4.2
Sainsbury’s (129-133 Kingsway) 2359 4.1
Morrisons (264 Walworth Road) 1949 4.0
Lidl (145 Tottenham Ct Rd)  1165 4.4
Aldi (125-133 Camden High St) 1014 4.4
Asda Superstore (Old Kent Rd) 782 3.4
Tesco Superstore (107 Dulton Road) 723 3.6
Waitrose (JL Food Hall) 682 4.5
Iceland (112, 113 Lower Marsh) 413 4.1
Co-op (185 Old St) 177 4.1

The eKomi Commentary 

According to the data obtained, 8 out of 10 supermarket stores scored a rating between 4.5 and 4.0-star, with Waitrose as the top-scoring contender of the list. Waitrose is followed by Aldi and Lidl, which average the same rating of 4.4-star. Mark and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Iceland, and Morrisson’s accumulated 4.1, 4.1, 4.1, and 4.0 stars, respectively. Tesco and Asda stores found themselves at the bottom of the list with 3.6 and 3.4, respectively. Generally, 8 supermarkets boasting an average rating over or equal to 4.4, reinforces the opinion that these supermarket chains are leaders in the British market.

The data also reveal that Mark and Spencer has accrued a phenomenal amount of reviews of over 7000. This oozes great traffic into their store as well as great appreciation by the Brititsh people. Behind it, Sainsbury’s features over 2000 reviews, Morrisons close to 2000, then Lidl and Aldi over 1000 reviews. Considering that these establishments have over a 4-star rating, the numbers are appreciable.

Surprisingly, the highest-rated store, Waitrose, has a much lower number of reviews as it possesses 682. Similarly, Co-op and Iceland, albeit high-rated stores, have not totalled numerous reviews. On the other hand, Asda and Tesco superstores, with reviews of around 700.

eKomi’s Contribution 

Supermarkets in Central London that would like to collect more reviews now have a chance to raise their game. eKomi is a software-as-a-service that deploys an intelligent solution to over 15 000 companies worldwide. Reviews collected by our systems are only transaction-based, which means only customers that have genuinely bought your products or services get to rate their experience. Contact us now to get started.

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