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Top 10 Mortgage Brokers in France in 2022

Top 10 Mortgage Brokers in France in 2022

Mortgage brokers are active players in the real estate industry. They are mediators between lenders and borrowers. Therefore, they hold a key role in keeping the real estate sector active. As such, StarInsights decided to take a look into mortgage brokers in France and investigate how competitors perform against each other on Google Reviews.

The State of the Real Estate Industry in France 

The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative sectors, contributing largely to the global economy. The market presents enormous investment benefits such as wealth generation and equity building, long-term investment, reliable passive income stream, and vast investment opportunities, among others. 

According to a recent publication by Rentola, the forecasts of the French real estate market in 2023 will be marked by three main scenarios: a sharp increase in loan institutions’ interest rates, a re-stabilisation of the market, and a relapse in real estate prices. The interest rates are projected to be around 2.5% after which, they will escalate again.

In real estate, the driving force is an interplay between supply and demand. After an acute rise in interest rates, the market usually witnesses a decline in the willingness to buy and then re-posits the market at low-interest rates, which in turn, catapults the transactional dynamism (Rentola, 2022). 

An Overview of Mortgage Brokerage 

Participants in the real estate industry include developers, owners, tenants, sellers, buyers, lenders, and brokers. The latter designates the cohort that facilitates transactions between sellers, buyers, or traders. They are a type of financial advisor who works with clients to find them the best loan for their needs. They work with lenders but do not offer mortgages themselves. 

Engaging with a mortgage broker to secure a home loan has an array of benefits. Mortgage brokers have a special relationship with banks and other lenders, they may offer borrowers a wider range of products than if they were going directly to the bank. They can also save borrowers money by finding loans that fit their budgets and credit profiles.

Mortgage brokers’ commissions vary depending on the lender or broker, as well as the type of mortgage the borrower is applying for. Some brokers may charge a flat fee for their services, while others receive a percentage of the loan amount.

Mortgage Brokers in France 

We searched Google Maps to find the industry leaders in mortgage brokerage in France, using reviews and ratings as the metrics. Over 200 entries were obtained as of 18 November 2022 and sorted as best-rated and most-reviewed. Herein, we present the results as follows: 

Best Rated Mortgage Brokers in France 

Companies Rating Number of reviews 
Crédit Courtier de France Toulouse 5.0 39
Crédit Courtier de France Lyon 5.0 25
Crédit Courtier de France Angoulême 5.0 44
2icep France 5.0 40
VR FINANCE Courtier en crédit immobilier 5.0 220
Crédit Conseil de France 5.0 44
Ace Crédit – Courtier en prêt immobilier à Valence 5.0 87
Meilleurtaux Lieusaint courtier en crédit immobilier 5.0 25
Meilleurtaux Nevers courtier en crédit immobilier 5.0 106
Meilleurtaux Figeac courtier en crédit immobilier 5.0 99

Most Reviewed Mortgage Brokers in France 

Companies Number of reviews  Rating 
Empruntis l’agence BOURGES courtier en crédit immobilier 535 4.9
Meilleurtaux Boulogne-Billancourt courtier en crédit immobilier 510 4.9
Empruntis l’agence ORLÉANS courtier en crédit immobilier 441 4.9
Meilleurtaux Paris 1 courtier en crédit immobilier 425 4.9
Meilleurtaux Lyon Vaise courtier en crédit immobilier 324 4.7
Meilleurtaux Périgueux courtier en crédit immobilier 266 4.9
Meilleurtaux Paris 17 courtier en crédit immobilier 260 4.9
Meilleurtaux Clermont-Ferrand courtier en crédit immobilier 257 4.9
Finance Conseil 246 4.9
Meilleurtaux Valence courtier en crédit immobilier 239 4.9

Analysis of the Findings 

Both of our charts were mostly populated by the same firms, namely, Crédit Courtier de France and Meilleurtaux. Each company made three entries in the best-rated chart. In addition, Meilleurtaux completely overtook the most-reviewed chart with a total of seven entries. 

However, all best-rated contenders were 5.0-star, however, the 5.0-star contender with the most reviews was found to be VR FINANCE Courtier en crédit immobilier with 220 reviews. The other note-worthy contender on this list is Meilleurtaux Nevers courtier en crédit immobilier with 106 reviews. 

With respect to the reviews alone, the top contender was found as Empruntis l’agence Bourges courtier en crédit immobilier with 539 reviews. The runner-up is Meilleurtaux Boulogne-Billancourt courtier en crédit immobilier with 510 reviews. The third entry on the same chart is another Empruntis branch, Empruntis l’agence ORLÉANS, with 441 reviews. All the aforementioned companies possess a 4.9-star rating. These are stellar results that we are elated to feature in our report. 

The rest of the most-reviewed companies possess an appreciable count of reviews (425 – 239) and high ratings, almost all are 4.9 except for the Lyon branch of Meilleurtaux at 4.7 stars. 

Conclusion and recommendations 

The findings suggest that the French mortgage brokerage market is dominated by well-established players in different regions of France. They demonstrate admirable customer feedback on their Google Profile, which is a massive asset for their digital marketing efforts. 

Along these lines, eKomi, The Feedback Company, would like to make aware French mortgage brokers of its award-winning technology solution to leverage customer feedback for even better performance and market leadership. 

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