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StarInsights Top Cake Maker Cape Town South Africa

Top Cake Makers in Cape Town, South Africa

Indulge in the happiest treat there is!

Cakes, baked to perfection and beautifully decorated, are the characteristics of a great cake. And we think that’s what it takes to be a great cake maker.  When it comes to wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, celebration cakes, and even all-occasion cakes, the Mother city has it all. In this StarInsights report, we examine the top-rated and most-reviewed cake makers based on publicly accessible data from Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated rating and review system.

The Industry in perspective

A flawlessly made cake is one of a baker’s crowning achievements, both seductively delicious and visually appealing. Quality cakes exist in an infinite number of flavours, from sponge to cheesecake, chocolate to carrot. Regardless of their speciality, exceptional bakers are all proficient at mixing robust, sweet tastes with a moist texture.

Cape Town is home to more than a hundred top cake shops and enterprises, which provide a broad range of tastes and designs. Cakes were not always as popular as they are now. Significant changes are noticeable as a result of new varieties, uniqueness, improved tastes, various decorations and patterns, and the entire atmosphere. Furthermore, the client’s reaction to these types is outstanding.

The demand for cakes is as great as ever – the bakery market is flourishing. With a plethora of cake stores and bakeries available, it can be difficult to select the best supplier. While, word of mouth has long had an impact on people’s purchasing decisions when it comes to cakes, in today’s digital landscape, online reviews often dictate whether a consumer will select a particular cake maker over the others.

This means when people have a great experience, they leave reviews and recommend the bakery service. To first-time customers, such reviews can be effective because they help build relationships and demonstrate your commitment to customer service. For cake makers, keeping tabs on their online reviews and using them to improve and promote your business, grows the bakery’s online presence and boost customer satisfaction. A win-win for both sides.

With no further ado, here are the results on the top-rated and most reviewed Cake makers in Cape Town according to Google My Business Profiles as of 10 October 2022.

Top-rated cake makers in Cape Town 

Cake maker


Number of Reviews

Cake Me Happy 5.0. 35
Sweet LionHeart 5.0. 22
Crumb Cakes 5.0. 20
High Tea Tighty 4.8 42
Freya’s Speciality Cakes 4.8 30
Wadescakes 4.8 30
Cake Matters 4.7 15
Tessa’s Bakery. 4.6 1085
The Velvet Cake Company 4.4 65
Charly’s Bakery 4.1 831


Most reviewed cake makers in Cape Town 

Cake maker

Number of Reviews

Tessa’s Bakery. 1085
Charly’s Bakery 831
The Velvet Cake Company 65
High Tea Tighty 42
Cake Me Happy 35
Freya’s Speciality Cakes 30
Wadescakes 30
Sweet LionHeart 22
Crumb Cakes 20
Cake Matters 15

Three cake makers are tied on the top position as the most rated, Cake Me Happy, Sweet LionHeart and Crumb Cakes have a perfect rating of 5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. These establishments are mostly known for their unique cakes that are influenced by architecture, both classic and modern, and sculptural design elements. It can also be noted that all the listed companies have an average of 4-star ratings, the difference among them lies in the number of reviews. 

In terms of reviews, Tessa’s Bakery is the most reviewed with a stunning, 1085 reviews, followed by Charly’s Bakery with 831 reviews, and in third place, The Velvet Cake Company with 65 reviews. They are described as, armed with plenty of years of experience and a passion for modern sculpting and flavour combos. The findings also reveal that the listed bakeries put a strong emphasis on building meaningful relationships with their customers.

Great job to the owners of the best-rated cake makers for understanding the importance of reviews. It is encouraging to see them taking these measures to improve their services and better serve their clients. The leaders should be commended for their efforts in improving the overall cake experience for their clientèle. 

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In three months’ time, another StarInsights report will be published on cake makers in Cape Town, conducting an in-depth analysis of changes that have occurred. Ensure that you keep an eye out for the updated report!

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