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Top Chinese Restaurants Madrid Spain

Madrid’s Top Chinese Restaurants

The selection of the greatest Chinese restaurants in Europe has gone a long way since a decade ago. From dim lunch and roast duck to hotpot and stir-fry, you’ll find flavours from all throughout China. With so many alternatives, it may be difficult to know where to begin. 

Therefore, this StarInsights report made a comprehensive list of Chinese restaurants in Madrid by checking Google Maps. We compiled all the results in one spot and sorted them based on how frequently they’ve been rated, with the most popular places at the top.

A review of Chinese Restaurants in Madrid

Whenever you fly around the world, you come across many Chinese restaurants. Whether it is in Asian countries, Africa, or Western, there are always several Chinese restaurants. The great range of meals presented in restaurants is the primary rationale for the popularity of Chinese cuisine in Spain and throughout the world. 

There are a variety of appetizers available to satisfy everyone’s tastes. There are delicious sorts of soups that can help you start your dinner in style. Chicken meals, beef dishes, and even vegetarian dishes are all great in Chinese restaurants. 

With numerous Chinese restaurants to select from in Madrid, it is important to research more about them. Most people, select a restaurant by looking at a few variables like pricing, menu options, or food quality. However, in this digital age, there is more than what meets the eye, if you want to experience the best.

The vast majority of restaurants have digitalized, compelling all restaurants to have an online presence. As such, most owners continue to invest in tools that help them improve and maintain a positive reputation. Reviews are the yardstick to measure a Chinese restaurant. This means comments, complaints, and testimonials from previous customers might assist consumers in determining the level of service provided by the numerous Chinese restaurants in Madrid.

Ratings and reviews are important to businesses in the food industry, and eKomi believes that they are essential to forming a first impression with customers. Therefore, we’ve used ratings and customer reviews from Google Maps to create a list of the best Chinese Restaurants in Madrid.

Most reviewed Chinese restaurants in Madrid

Restaurant Number of Reviews Rating
四川饭店-Restaurante de Sichuan 1955 4.5
Ni Hao 1411 4.3
Wok Sun 1409 4.4
Hong Kong 70 864 4.4
Sichuan Kitchen 881 4.6
胖胖私房菜El Rincón de Pangpang 495 4.1
Eat Is Wok 463 4.4
Chinese restaurant Jia Jia 377 4.2
MIN 1947《名門 1947》 370 4.6
Restaurante Tangchu 366 4.6

Leading our most rated list with 1884 reviews, 四川饭店-Restaurante de Sichuan offers contemporary Chinese dining with good customer reviews on its atmosphere, great food, and customer service. It is followed by Ni Hào with 1375 reviews on its savoury food and great ambiance. Following closely in third place is Wok Sun with 1346 reviews.

Ratings are also vital to the importance of a business, and they work in tandem with reviews to increase customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of both and has created a StarInsights list of the top ten highest-ranked Chinese Restaurants in Madrid.

Top-rated Chinese Restaurants in Madrid

Restaurant Ratings Number of Reviews
Sichuan Kitchen 4.6 881
MIN 1947《名門 1947》 4.6 370
Restaurante Tangchu 4.6 366
四川饭店-Restaurante de Sichuan 4.5 1955
Xiaoman 4.5 357
Wok Sun 4.4 1409
Hong Kong 70 4.4 864
Eat Is Wok 4.4 463
Ni Hao 4.3 1411
Chinese restaurant Jia Jia 4.2 377

On top of our list, three restaurants are tied in the first place as the highest rated Chinese Restaurants in Madrid. Sichuan Kitchen, MIN 1947《名門 1947》and Restaurante Tangchu have all earned a stable 4.6-star rating with most reviews on their quality food and great customer experience.

eKomi compliments the owners of the top listed Chinese Restaurants in Madrid in each industry for their awesome work ethic and urges all their competitors within the industry to up their game and seek out an assessment business enterprise like eKomi, which works with an efficient crew to supply natural and credible evaluations. 

The eKomi crew presents all Chinese Restaurants in Madrid with a proposal to evaluate client satisfaction, and this consists of a loose session to determine the organization’s degree of impact and intensify its income and seek improvement and online traffic. 

In three months, please look out for eKomi`s blog to study our evaluation of which Chinese Restaurants in Madrid could be the high-quality and maximum rated.

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