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Top Football Academies in Saudi Arabia

Top Football Academies in Saudi Arabia

“I don’t believe there is such a thing as a ‘born’ soccer player. Perhaps you are born with certain skills and talents, but quite frankly it seems impossible to me that one is actually born to be an ace soccer player. “ (Pele)

Children can attend a soccer academy or school to master a variety of technical and tactical skills. The athletes that join these academies usually have aspirations of becoming professionals or are on the verge of being accepted into prestigious academies. In this article, we examine the top football academies in Saudi Arabia based on user reviews and ratings.

A brief Background to Saudi Arabia and Football

After the Qatar World Cup success, there have been many expectations placed on the Arabian football nations. Argentina’s 2-1 defeat by Saudi Arabia was declared the biggest upset in World Cup history. However, the team once again struggled under pressure, losing to other teams. Overall, the country exited the tournament with new-found confidence. The interesting fact was that none of the Saudis play abroad and this was a surprising factor. But the reality is that the country’s best players don’t need to go to Europe for rich contracts; they have full-swing soccer academies.

An Overview of Football Academies

Some top football teams in Europe rely on home-grown talent, which costs nothing to buy. Such players make some of the most successful players in the world because of the coaching and training they are exposed to at a very young age.

Football academies will train you, help you reach your full potential, and teach you how to cooperate with your team-mates. Therefore, even if one has a natural skill for football, they still need a coach’s assistance to make adjustments when they are needed. Future soccer stars propel to fame not entirely by talents, but more by the knowledge they acquire from a football academy.

eKomi’s Review of the Best Football Academies 

A soccer academy may stand out from the competition and keep members by upholding a high standard of customer service. In the end, consumer interactions and experiences at academies may very well lead to a referral for their next customer. Reviews also add to the general strategies that consider elements like; the club’s philosophy, exposure, the kind of trainers it employs, etc.

As a result, online reviews give prospective clients social proof and increase their level of trust in the sports academy. Even more clear is the importance of reviews for a brand’s reputation. In light of this context, we used online feedback posted on Google to look for Saudi Arabia’s top soccer academies. As shown below, we created two lists that are arranged according to the most reviewed and highest rated.

Most reviewed football academies in Saudi Arabia

Academy Number of Reviews Rating
Al Hilal Football Club 7841 4.3
Qadisiah Club 976 4.1
Al Ahli Soccer Academy 595 4.2
Al Nassr Football Club 541 3.9
Winners Saudi Al Basatin 312 4.2

Top-rated football academies in Saudi Arabia

Academy Rating Number of Reviews
Falcon Football Academy أكاديمية فالكون لكرة القدم 5.0 12
FFF Academy Saudi Arabia 5.0 5
أكاديمية الكباتن 4.9 37
مجمع ملاعب ذات الصواري 4.8 5
Yalla Goal Academy 4.5 40

According to the findings, out of the five listed soccer academies, all of them present stable ratings ranging from 4.5 stars to 5.0 stars. The top-rated academy is a tie between Falcon Football Academy and FFF Academy Saudi Arabi, both in the first position with 5.0-star ratings. Regarding reviews, Al Hilal Football Academy leads the pack with 7841 reviews. Followed by Qadisiah Club with 976 reviews, while Al Ahli Soccer Academy is in third place with 595 reviews. In an industry where competition is probably skyrocketing at the moment, this is truly commendable.

eKomi’s Recommendations and Conclusions

Whether you don’t collect customer feedback or you want to use your existing popularity to boost your brand reputation. eKomi is here to make a difference for your academy. From the point of deciding or signing up to the point when the reviews get posted on your website. Our proprietary software-as-a-service streamlines the review collection process. This then greatly strengthens your efforts in digital marketing. To get started, request a free consultation right away.

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