Top-notch Construction Companies in Lagos, Nigeria

Top-notch Construction Companies in Lagos, Nigeria

Top-notch Construction Companies in Lagos, Nigeria

The deficit of infrastructure in Africa is the main reason the construction sector is expanding the fast. The construction industry is crucial to everything that leads to the growth of a progressive city and enriches the standard of living. As a result, the construction market has become very competitive, with major international players holding large market shares. Typically, construction firms rank based on their size and revenue, which determines where they fall on the list of top firms. However, in this StarInsights report, we examine the top construction firms in Lagos, based on publicly released results from Google Seller Ratings

Industry Overview

The support of the construction sector is necessary for everything that contributes to the development of a forward-thinking city and raises the standard of living, including greater connections, better housing options, and other infrastructure services. Such developments are prevalent throughout Nigeria, thanks in large part to the expanding number of construction enterprises there.

In spite of increasing competition from large corporations and multinationals, a select few local businesses have in fact maintained their dominance over the local construction industry for decades. Unquestionably, regarding building projects, many hands truly do make light work. As a result, a typical project will have a lot of companies working together to finish a contract. The scenario covers the contractor and subcontractor levels in a contract, where one contractor manages things and various subcontractors of various kinds labour beneath them.

Impact of Reviews on Construction Industry 

In almost every company, customer satisfaction is crucial, and this is also true in the construction sector. How people perceive your brand greatly influences your market share in this fiercely competitive industry. All construction companies are considering all the resources at their disposal to establish, preserve, and enhance their reputation.

Online reviews significantly influence the ranking of a construction company’s website in internet search engines. More people will visit your site if it has a high ranking. Most general contractors and prospective clients want to hear positive remarks about a company’s rates, work ethic, and stellar team. They don’t want to pick the incorrect building business because it’s a big choice that would affect them for years.

As a result, you might be surprised to see that this report lacks any well-known individuals or companies that you were expecting to see. From this point on, the analysis is limited to Lagos as a location on Google Maps. Here are the stats:

Most reviewed construction companies

Construction Firm Number of Reviews Rating
Costain (West) Africa Plc 1609 3.9
ELALAN Construction Company 277 4.4
Arbico PLC 186 4.1
Craneburg Construction Company 143 4.4
Cappa & D’Alberto Plc 131 4.4
China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) 124 4.3
Ariosh 111 4.3
SANA Global Projects Ltd 79 4.5
Mar & Mor Integrated Services Ltd Lagos Office 69 4.5
Stellar Constructions Ltd. 54 4.1

Costain (West) Africa Plc is at the top of our list with a towering 1609 reviews. ELALAN Construction Company followed in second place with 277 reviews. Most reviews for this ELALAN focus on their high standards for ethics and business values. In third place with 186 reviews, Arbico PLC is praised for their high calibre, quick, and effective services. However, the limited quantity of reviews is visible right away.

Given the value of ratings, eKomi finished the StarInsights evaluation by generating a list of the top ten construction firms in Lagos. In the long run, ratings increase consumer happiness and sales, while also adding to a company’s importance. 

Top-rated construction companies

Construction Firm Rating Number of Reviews
Construction Kaiser Limited 4.6 48
Business Contracting Limited, 4.6 12
Mar & Mor Integrated Services Ltd Lagos Office 4.5 69
SANA Global Projects Ltd 4.5 79
Still Earth Construction & Realty Limited 4.5 41
ELALAN Construction Company 4.4 277
Craneburg Construction Company 4.4 143

MANNTECH Construction has the highest rating, receiving 4.9 stars, but the ranking is unreliable due to the small amount of reviews. Nevertheless, the bulk of the listed construction firms have managed to maintain an average steady rating of four stars (4.). It’s critical to realize that a high rating with a sizable sample size is a very desirable trait.

Congratulations to the CEOs and the owners of the top listed construction companies in Lagos in both categories for their excellent services. We urge all their competitors in the industry to up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce reviews that are organic and credible.

Final Thoughts

In light of the above analysis, customer satisfaction is crucial because standards can carry over to interaction with other professionals in the industry. Having a metric that measures the way a construction firm communicates and delivers customer service is important. It sets standards that can be useful when dealing with customers, and other workers, like subcontractors. Therefore, with the right construction company, one can build anything from a single-family home to an airport terminal. It’s important to choose wisely, though – there are many construction companies out there!

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