Top Recycling Companies in Western Cape, SA

Recycling Companies

Top Recycling Companies

Waste is a huge part of our lives, and it is becoming a bigger concern each year as more waste and rubbish are created in large quantities. As a result, numerous organizations have been launched in South Africa to help you reuse, reduce, and recycle the products used daily. Hence, this StarInsights report lists the top recycling companies deserving acknowledgement for their efforts in recycling and waste management based on reviews and ratings.

Market Overview

A waste management crisis is currently affecting SA. The main causes have been urbanization and rapid population growth. Additionally, there are poor waste management practices, deteriorating infrastructure, a lack of funding, and inadequate tools. As a result, more waste management and recycling companies have emerged over the years to tackle this issue. These entities compete with each other to collect, process, and sell recycled materials, as well as to develop new and innovative recycling technologies and methods. 

eKomi’s Findings on Recycling Companies

Responsible waste disposal is now a primary concern among many companies trying to get on board with this new trend. It follows, therefore, that a proper waste management system guarantees that all waste materials are dealt with properly; hence, the reputation of a waste management business is critical.

Good customer reviews don’t just show how effective recycling services are; they can also highlight how passionate these companies are about environmental issues. Moreover, reviews can provide valuable feedback on the quality of the company’s services, allowing them to identify areas where they can improve. Against this background, we have curated two lists, as shown below:

Most reviewed recycling companies

Company Reviews Rating
Killarney Refuse and Recycle 95 4.0
JUSTJUNK! 62 4.7
Clearer Conscience Environmental Services 33 5.0
Postwink Recycling Solutions 28 4.9
WasteMart 17 2.6

Top-rated recycling companies

Company Rating Reviews
Clearer Conscience Environmental Services 5.0 33
SkipIt Green 5.0 9
Postwink Recycling Solutions 4.9 28
AST Recycling Cape Town 4.8 13

Killarney Refuse and Recycle is the most reviewed business, with 95 reviews. Just Junk comes in second with 62 reviews, followed by Clearer Conscience Environmental Services with 33 reviews. Correspondingly, the rating section also did not disappoint; Clearer Conscience Environmental Services and SkipIt Green could not be separated as both received a perfect rating of 5.0 stars.

In Summing Up,

eKomi applauds the CEOs of the waste and recycling companies in the Western Cape for applying good techniques to draw in more customers and performing quality services to derive excellent ratings and reviews.

All things considered, the waste management industry is booming. Consequently, therefore, it’s up to businesses to take advantage of this new green trend. If you want to market your business better, going online is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to do it. Especially with the assistance of a reputation management tool such as eKomi. (Request a free consultation.)


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