Top Restaurants in Luxembourg

Top Restaurants in Luxembourg

Top Restaurants in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a small country in Western Europe, may not come to mind when you think of gourmet cuisine. However, with its blend of French, German, and Luxembourgish influences, the country has a distinct culinary scene that should not be overlooked. It is a small country with a big appetite for good food. These restaurants provide a variety of dining experiences, from casual to lavish, and highlight the country’s diverse culinary heritage.

Savour the flavour of Luxembourg

Here are some suggestions for savouring the flavour of food in Luxembourg.

Traditional dishes

Luxembourgish cuisine is known for hearty, comforting dishes like Judd mat Gaardebounen, Kniddelen, and Bouneschlupp. These dishes are flavourful and made with simple, fresh ingredients. They’re a must-try if you’re in Luxembourg.


Visit local markets

There are numerous local markets in Luxembourg where you can buy fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The markets are a great place to sample Luxembourg flavours like artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and freshly baked bread.

Sample Luxembourgish wine

Luxembourg is not well known for its wine, but it does have a thriving wine industry with some excellent wines to sample. The majority of the country’s wines are white, with Riesling and Pinot Gris being two of the most popular varieties. Many local restaurants serve Luxembourgish wines to complement your meal

Indulge in desserts

 Luxembourgers love their desserts, and they are not to be missed. There is something for everyone, from the famous Quetschentaart made with plums to the rich chocolate desserts. When dining in Luxembourg, leave room for dessert.

Embrace international influences

Luxembourg has a diverse culinary scene as a result of its proximity to France, Germany, and Belgium. There are numerous international restaurants serving cuisine ranging from Italian pizza to Japanese sushi. These Luxembourg restaurants provide an opportunity to sample global flavours while in Luxembourg.

Table showing the top-rated Restaurants

Restaurants Ratings Reviews
Restaurant Clairefontaine 4.8 348
Les Copains d’Abord 4.6 257
Athena 4.6 1 495
Les Jardins d’Anaïs 4.6 177
Awada Japanese Cusine 4.6 324
Le Bouquet Garni – Salon Saint Michel 4.5 166
La Locanda 4.5 293
La Tapería 4.4 614
Restaurant Cyrano 4.4 482
Ambrosia Restaurant 4.4 879

Table showing the most reviewed Restaurants

Restaurants Reviews Ratings
El Barrio Restaurante Tapas Bar 1 649 4.3
PiriPiri Portuguese&Bar – Luxembourg Kirchberg 1 645 4.3
Grand Café by RedBeef 1 510 4.4
Athena 1 495 4.6
Batucada 1 463 4.4
Bosso Luxembourg 889 4.3
Ambrosia Restaurant 879 4.4
Restaurant Roma 399 4.3
Ristorante Essenza 398 4.3
Restaurant Clairefontaine 348 4.8

Reviews and ratings provide an opportunity for restaurant owners and chefs to improve their offerings. Negative reviews can point out areas that need to be improved, such as slow service or inconsistent food quality. Positive reviews can motivate kitchen staff and help attract new customers. Customers can read about other people’s experiences and make informed decisions about where to dine. This can assist them in avoiding disappointing dining experiences and in locating restaurants that match their preferences and tastes. When a consumer uses a product or service, eKomi sends the consumer a review request. The data is collected, verified, and made public. eKomi also gives a Seal of Approval to the company based on their evaluation and reviews.


Luxembourg may be a small country, but its cuisine packs a big punch. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meat dish or a sweet dessert, the country has plenty of delicious options to choose from., it has a diverse and flavourful culinary scene. You can fully appreciate the flavours of food in Luxembourg by trying traditional dishes, visiting local markets, sampling Luxembourgish wine, indulging in desserts, and embracing international influences, So, the next time you visit Luxembourg, make sure to try some of their delectable dishes by visiting the top restaurants above.


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