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Top Volkswagen Gauteng StarInsights

Top Volkswagen Dealerships in Gauteng, South Africa 

SA’s unwavering love for Volkswagen (VW) cars remains an unsolved mystery. Volkswagen is one of the very popular vehicle brands in SA, especially among young people, and peers in Mzansi who own such a car make are associated with success and wealth. Compared to, say, ten years ago, there are now significantly more VW cars on SA roads. As a result, in this StarInsights article, we examine the top-rated and most reviewed VW dealerships in Gauteng based on user reviews and ratings.

Industry Overview

VW is an agile luxury carmaker that draws customers not just for its opulence, but also for the fact that it is associated with strength and performance. All VW car dealerships might initially appear to be the same, but once you start looking, you’ll probably notice a significant difference.

Finding the ideal dealership for you may aid in easing any unease or nervousness you may be experiencing. In a similar vein, every industry regularly interacts with customers, and the VW Dealer Industry is no exception. However, the number of dealerships does not affect the quality of the vehicles, but it is important to realize that the primary differentiator between dealerships is the quality of the customer experience. 

One would want to learn about a dealership’s reputation before purchasing a car from them. It’s important to start by looking into the dealership’s history of operations. Additionally, it would be safest to look at the car dealership’s online reviews to see if it consistently receives positive feedback or repeats the same errors. In-depth research using Google Maps yielded results for this report that evaluated the best VW dealers in Gauteng.

Most reviewed VW Dealerships in Gauteng

Dealership Number of Reviews Rating
Bidvest McCarthy VW Menlyn 4641 4.8
Bidvest McCarthy VW Arcadia 1942 4.7
Hatfield VW Pretoria 1714 4.4
Bidvest McCarthy VW Annlin Wonderboom 969 4.3
Hatfield VW Braamfontein 870 4.4
Strijdom Park Volkswagen 746 4.5
Lindsay Saker VW Alberton 664 4.2
Barons Bruma 602 4.3
Soweto Volkswagen 549 4.2
Lindsay Saker VW Kempton Park 536 4.1

Top-rated VW Dealership in Gauteng

Supplier Rating Number of Reviews
Bidvest McCarthy VW Menlyn 4.8 4641
Bidvest McCarthy VW Arcadia 4.7 1942
Benoni Citi VW 4.7 396
McDuling Motors Volkswagen 4.6 188
Strijdom Park Volkswagen 4.5 746
Hatfield VW Melrose 4.5 509
NTT Volkswagen Heidelberg 4.4 225
Hatfield VW Pretoria 4.4 1714
Hatfield VW Braamfontein 4.4 870
Bidvest McCarthy VW Annlin Wonderboom 4.3 969

Using data from the tables above, Bidvest McCarthy VW Menlyn outshines all VW dealerships in Gauteng, with an amazing 4.8-star rating from 4641 reviews. Congratulations to the VW Menlyn because having a good rating with a large sample size is a very desirable feature.

eKomi is pleased to see that the industry prioritizes high ratings, and congratulates the CEOs of all the best-rated and most reviewed, but it also urges VW dealers to work with rating agencies such as eKomi, to improve on customer reviews and reflect the true ratings of the company, on data given by the highest possible number of customers.

Surveys in the form of reviews and ratings today impact purchases greatly and are a manual for informing buyers about the sort and nature of services offered by the dealer. Online evaluations act as references when they produce positive reviews, which, when combined with appropriate counsel from review agencies like eKomi, equal sales growth, and overall company improvement.

eKomi will lead one more evaluation in the following three months and expects all organizations in the VW vendor industry to have an increase in surveys and reviews.

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