Top Wine Farms in Stellenbosch (Revisited 2023)

Top Wine Farms in Stellenbosch (Revisited 2023)

Top Wine Farms in Stellenbosch (Revisited 2023)

This StarInsights is a revisit of the top wine farms in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. Based on various elements, the purpose of this report is to update the content, reflect on the impact and provide a fresh perspective on the topic.


Wines and wineries of South Africa (SA) form a large part of the country’s culture. SA is in fact among the oldest wine-producing nations worldwide, with numerous wine farms. Along with France, Italy and Spain, SA is one of the top ten largest wine-growing countries in the world. 

Today, SA wineries are among the largest exporters of wine. According to SA-V (South African Venues 2023), “there are currently some 560 wineries and 4 400 primary producers of vineyards in the Cape, divided by the Wine of Origin Scheme into four main regions: The Breede River Valley, The Little Karoo, Coastal and Olifants River.

Key Highlights from Stellenbosch Wine Farms (1)

Locals and visitors alike throng the wineries in search of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, benefiting both the wineries’ operations and customers’ experiences. Customers can read evaluations for just about any good or service available in today’s internet-based economy. As a result, evaluations and ratings are crucial in determining who receives a larger market share.

Getting wine evaluations from customers is one of the strategies that help wineries businesses. While the vineyards and wine marketers benefit from knowing the customer experience, other customers also gain knowledge about the wine’s quality and the services offered.

Given that not all consumers are satisfied, it is wise to employ caution when requesting customer reviews. Consumers shouldn’t just be asked to review wine; instead, they should be asked if they are satisfied with their purchase and overall positive customer experience. 

Chiefly, online reviews are just as essential for wineries as they are for customers. In the previous study, eKomi, emphasized how reviews establish stronger relationships with potential customers and allow companies to charge a premium price for their product.

eKomi’s 2023 Review of the Top Wine Farms

Typically, people read reviews with the trust that previous clients are knowledgeable and can describe the menu, experience, setting, personnel, etc. in detail. eKomi believes reviews appear to be the most prominent ranking factor in local searches. Therefore, using rankings and evaluations given by clients via Google My Business Profiles, we curated a listing of the top-rated and most reviewed wine farms in Stellenbosch, based on evaluating customer feedback in the form of reviews and ratings.

Top-rated Wineries in Stellenbosch

Wine Farm Rating Reviews
Oldenburg Vineyards 4.8 183
Kleinood 4.8 50
Rust en Vrede Wine Estate 4.7 784
Muratie Wine Estate 4.7 524
Waterford Estate 4.7 355
Thelema Mountain Vineyards 4.7 141
Mooiplaas Wine Estate and Private Nature Reserve 4.7 126
Vriesenhof Vineyards 4.7 36
Delheim Wine Estate 4.6 1336
Jordan Wine Estate 4.6 756

Most reviewed Wineries in Stellenbosch

Wine Farm Reviews Rating
Delheim Wine Estate 1336 4.6
Vredenheim 1228 4.3
Rust en Vrede Wine Estate 784 4.7
Jordan Wine Estate 756 4.6
Peter Falke Wines 541 4.4
Muratie Wine Estate 524 4.7
Hidden Valley Wines 437 4.6
Tokara Wine Estate 376 4.4
Waterford Estate 355 4.7
Middelvlei Wine Estate 343 4.6

Kudos to Oldenburg Vineyards and Kleinood for being the top-rated wine farms on the list; they are both tied at the top of the chart with a 4.8-star rating out of 5 stars. The two places are commended for providing an amazing experience, top-class wine, exceptional service, and attentiveness. The only difference among these wine farms is the number of reviews: 180 and 53, respectively.

Regarding reviews, Delheim Wine Estate leads the pack with 1336 reviews, followed by Vredenheim with 1228 reviews and Rust en Vrede Wine Estate with 784 reviews. From the above results, it’s important to note that ratings and reviews are significant to a business’s importance, and in the long run, they boost customer satisfaction and sales.

Way Forward 

Having easy access to technology has forever changed the way we shop. From shopping on Amazon to the trial experience of visiting a winery, we are all curious how other people enjoyed the product. Undoubtedly, more consumers are reading online reviews than ever before. As a result, understanding why reviews are crucial to a wine farm will help create a positive experience for customers.

While, marketing a wine farm is essential; part of that marketing should include how consumers relate to the brand. eKomi recommends Stellenbosch wineries to take control of the conversation and encourage guests and shoppers to leave feedback. Whether it’s good or bad feedback, you can respond and show how your winery can handle constructive criticism.

It’s also important to consider different review platforms, such as Google and Facebook, as they will continue to build expertise, trustworthiness, and SEO. Optimizing reviews on these platforms is especially critical for wineries with a tasting room, as these will be the first place potential customers will check for reviews. Having a system that helps you effortlessly oversee your website reviews is essential. Learn more about eKomi’s review features.

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