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What Makes A Review Verified? And Why Are They Better?

What Makes A Review Verified? And Why Are They Better?

What Makes A Review Verified? And Why Are They Better?

What Makes A Review Verified? And Why Are They Better?

Do you know how most consumers go about searching for products and services? The eKomi StarInsights™ series of reports continues to prove the influence of consumer reviews on this process. Verified reviews, by definition, come from verified consumers. Consumers have shared them online to inform others about whether they should invest their money in a particular good or service, or to let the company know what they think. Non-verified reviews, on the other hand, can come from anyone. For this reason, it is important to know whether a review has been verified or not. In this blog post, you will learn what constitutes a verified review and why it is so important.

Understanding Verified Reviews

Verification of reviews is important to maintain the integrity and credibility of online reviews. As such, different platforms have different methods for verifying reviews. There are two main channels in this scenario: a verified review through a website by invitation or on free platforms. For example, on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, a review can be verified if the reviewer purchased the product through the site, and the purchase can be confirmed. On other websites, a review can be verified if the reviewer provides proof of buying or if the website can confirm that the reviewer is a customer using their account information.

While invite-only platforms can provide higher-quality and more trustworthy reviews, free platforms can provide a larger pool of reviews and a more diverse range of opinions. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the specific needs of the business and the goals of the review platform. So if you’re reading a review on an invite-only platform like eKomi, where only real customers can post their views, you know it’s a 100% verified review. However, if you’re looking at an open-review site such as Trustpilot or Google My Business pages, where anyone can say what they want, one cannot be certain if it’s really true.

Consequently, verified reviews are often given more weight and credibility by potential customers than unverified reviews, as they can be more confident that the review is based on a genuine experience of the product or service.

How Verified Reviews Affect Your Online Business Growth?

Taking control of your “online reputation” starts with collecting reviews that have been verified. This means the business transaction that prompted the review can be confirmed. Which tells the consumer that the review process is not being manipulated. For example, eKomi’s “Verified Customer” reviews provide that “seal of approval” by including the reviews, ratings, transaction date, and product or service, etc. Bottom line: Verified reviews can have a significant impact on the growth of your online business. With that said, here are some ways in which they can affect your business:

Increase Trust: Verified reviews can help to build trust with potential customers by providing social proof that others have had positive experiences with your products or services. This can increase the likelihood that a potential customer will choose your business over competitors.

Improve SEO:. The key to improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website is to include recent, verified reviews. This will raise your website’s rankings and make it simpler for potential customers to find your company online.

Drive Sales: By providing valuable information to potential customers that can help them make a purchase decision. Positive reviews can serve as a form of advertising and inspire customers to buy.

Improve Customer Experience: It helps to improve the customer experience by providing feedback on areas where your business can improve. Improve customer experience by providing authentic feedback, building trust, identifying areas of improvement, enhancing customer service, and increasing customer satisfaction. By actively collecting and promoting verified reviews, businesses can improve the overall customer experience and drive growth.

Final Thoughts

In summary, verified reviews can play an important role in the growth of your online business by increasing trust, improving SEO, driving sales, and improving the customer experience. It is important to actively collect and promote verified reviews as part of your online marketing strategy. We hope you enjoyed this article on what makes a review verified? And why are they better? The groupthink mindset is deeply rooted in contemporary customer behaviours. As such, the more verified reviews your business amasses, the better. Contact eKomi today to change your review collection game forever. Join the community of 15,000+ companies worldwide that use eKomi’s SaaS to leverage customer feedback and see a higher ROI.

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