eKomi Success Case: (How The Rustic Vape Store Took Control of its Online Reputation)

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How The Rustic Vape Store Took Control of its Online Reputation

eKomi, one of the most established online review platforms, is dedicated to assisting businesses in achieving success and enjoys encouraging them by sharing their success stories when they put in the effort and get the benefits. Here’s a case study of how The Rustic Vape Store was able to strengthen its online reputation while making customer success a priority in its business expansion plan.

Who’s The Rustic Vape Shop

The Rustic Vape Shop is an upmarket vape lounge officially established in 2019 and located in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. They sell electronic cigarette products, e-liquids, and accessories. In addition, they also provide personalized vaping gear with a wide range of top-quality e-liquids. This also include basic starter kits and more advanced devices for experienced users, and mostly, good customer service.

Understanding Online Reputation Management 

In this day and age, technology has changed almost every aspect of society. Unearthing, online platforms, and new ways to run businesses. While advertising and word-of-mouth referrals still have a place in the buying process, most consumers now rely mostly on search engines.

Ideally, where a company appears in Google local search results depends on a variety of factors. Some of these elements are under a company’s control, while others are not. Even so, businesses have numerous strategies to obtain favourable consumer feedback.

On the other hand, buying reviews is prohibited under any circumstances. Accordingly, the collection of reviews should be done in a legal manner.  This means any dubious means to get success is illegal and usually attracts a huge fine.  In most cases, the end result is damaging to the business image. Given such challenges, a review of this case study clarifies it all.

Market Overview  & Challenges for Online Vape Stores

Vape products are widely accepted because of their reduced use of tobacco ingredients. Hence, it presents a great opportunity for businesses across the globe. Yet, there are several roadblocks in the business of an online vape store, and the major part is marketing.

As a result, the issue of vaping’s drawbacks is still being debated globally. In the USA, it is the cause behind the FDA’s decision to restrict its use. At the same time, the rest of the world faces regulations from Google Ads Policy. According to Google Ads Policy, Ads for products designed to simulate tobacco smoking are not allowed. 

Vape Stores (Google Ads)
Google Ad Policy (Vape Stores)

Chiefly, the restrictions limit vape store owners’ ability to advertise their store or product on Google, Facebook, or other sites. Such an inability to conduct sponsored or paid advertising remains one of the major issues that vape shops, both online and offline, frequently encounter. 

In the context of the Rustic Vape Store, as you can see, a vape shop owner has a number of problems. So, having an experienced partner helps stores to deal with such problems when it comes to marketing, reputation, and online presence.

The Solution and the Results for Online Vape Stores

eKomi solution is an excellent remedy for The Rustic Vape Shop. Within less than eight months, they have engaged more closely with consumer communities, openly encouraging dialogue, acknowledging suggestions, and working towards an ultimate customer experience.

Put simply, the focus of the ultimate customer experience is SERVICE. Additionally, the Rustic Vape Shop is working hard to ensure that everything it says and does for consumers is done with the aim of giving them outstanding service. As a matter of fact, the average star-rating for the Rustic Vape Shop is a perfect score of 5.0 stars from over 117 transaction-based reviews, shaking things up and putting them ahead of the competition.

Rustic Vape Store went from being beyond the traditional boundaries of business to achieving enormous success with a new strategy. They not only lead, but also define their niche by becoming the go-to vape store. This is a great achievement and shows the brand equity of the company.

Bottom Line

Surely, marketing an online vape store has its roadblocks. But it has a vast and empowering community all across the globe. eKomi compliments the Rustic Vape Shop team and CEO Christel Truter for taking a customer-centred approach that enables trust and transparency towards their brand. In this competitive business, this executive recognized that gaining positive reviews and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings are critical. Summing up, all year long, marketing is an ongoing journey. Therefore, we urge other vape stores to evaluate their marketing activities and overall performance in relation to their customers.


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