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A Review of the Mobile Home Parks in Las Vegas, USA

A mobile home is a prefabricated edifice, manufactured on a permanently affixed chassis and used as homes, either permanently or for a holiday or temporary accommodation. Although they can be moved, more often they are permanently or semi-permanently in one place. Thereby, a Mobile home park means any site or plot of land where three or more mobile homes are placed on. They are a profitable enterprise, and they provide electrical, water, and sewer services.

eKomi believes that ratings and reviews are essential to business development, as they usually form the first impression with customers. So, we’ve used ratings and customer reviews from Google Maps to create a list of the best Mobile Home Parks in Las Vegas.

Most Rated Mobile Home Parks in Las Vegas

Name of Mobile Home Park

Number of Reviews 

Riviera Mobile Home Community 325
Miracle Mile 272
Boulder Cascade 268
Aloha Vegas 239
Maycliff Mobile Home Park Office 232
Sand Creek 191
El Adobe 191
Three Crowns Manufactured Home Community 188
Valley Vista Manufactured Home Community 173
Palm Grove mobile park 171

With 326 reviews to its name, Riviera Mobile Home Community is top of our most rated list. It is rated as an overall wonderful place to live with great neighbours, but complaints were also written about the community’s management. Miracle Mile is the next mobile home park on our list with 272 reviews, most referring to it as a nice, quiet place at a good location with affordable prices. Third on our list with 268 reviews, Boulder Cascade, is a nice, clean, gated community with fun everyday events for the residents. These communities show that they understand the importance of online reviews to their growth.

Ratings are also critical to the importance of your business, and work in tandem with reviews to increase customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of both and has rated them on StarInsights’ list of the top 10 highest-ranked Mobile Home Parks in Las Vegas.

Highest Rated Mobile Home Parks in Las Vegas

Name of Mobile Home Park 


Sand Creek 4.0
Miracle Mile 3.9
Boulder Cascade 3.9
Valley Vista Manufactured Home Community 3.8
Three Crowns Manufactured Home Community 3.8
Palm Grove mobile park 3.8
Riviera Mobile Home Community 3.7
Maycliff Mobile Home Park Office 3.7
El Adobe 3.7
Aloha Vegas 3.6

With 4.0 stars, Sand Creek is our highest-rated mobile home park in Las Vegas. It is closely followed by Miracle Mile and Boulder Cascade, with 3.9 stars each. Although the reviews are impressive, eKomi would like to implore these mobile home parks to increase their digital footprint by working to increase their online ratings. 

eKomi compliments the proprietors of the top 3 Mobile Home Parks in each industry for their awesome work ethic and urges all their competition within the industry to up their game and seek out an assessment business enterprise like eKomi, which works with an efficient crew to supply evaluations which can be natural and credible. The eKomi crew presents all Mobile Home Parks with a proposal to evaluate client satisfaction, and this consists of a loose session to determine the organization’s degree of impact and intensify its income and seek improvement and online traffic. 

In three months, please look out for eKomi`s blog to study our evaluation on which Mobile Home Parks in Las Vegas could be the highest and maximum rated in Las Vegas.

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