An analysis of Security Barriers (Gates and Burglars) Companies in Cape Town

Top Security Barriers (Gates and Burglars) Companies

Top Security Barriers (Gates and Burglars) Companies in Cape Town

With South Africa’s notoriously high crime rate, it goes without saying that burglar bars, security gates, and other home security systems are in high demand. Whether you live in a remote area or a crowded city, it’s critical that your home is secured in a way that minimises break-ins and other crimes. This entails having basic security measures in place both inside and outside your home. As a result, today’s StarInsights report provides a comprehensive analysis of the highly commended and most reviewed security barriers companies in Cape Town.

Industry Overview

Premises break-ins or burglaries have consistently been the most common crime experienced by households and commercial spaces in South Africa. According to Stats SA 2022, more than one million incidents of housebreaking in over 800 000 homes occurred in South Africa during the 2021 year, with the Western Cape having the most cases in the country.

Burglars are unpredictable, but there are plenty of ways one can proactively protect their home or business premises. The majority of property owners invest in a wide range of measures to keep safe and avoid being a victim of a break-in.

However, thieves and criminals, being resourceful, adapt to changing market conditions much faster than homeowners and commercial business owners. As a result, they’ve changed their tactics to deal with various modern security setups.

As a general norm and security measure, it’s logical to install burglar bars and security gates for safety reasons. Burglar bars may detract from the overall appearance of your window, but they are by far one of the most effective deterrents. Windows are all too easily broken. This is frequently one of the first entry points considered by intruders. If a criminal drive by your house and notices your large, open, bar-less windows, it will appear far more inviting than the house next door, which has secure bars across all of its windows.

Another important component of home security is security gates. These gates serve as an additional physical barrier to protect front and back doors. The gates serve as a strong deterrent to potential criminals hoping to quickly enter property because they are far more difficult to get through than fixed metal gates.

Selecting the Best security barriers companies

With an increased demand for security, more security companies are emerging every day to cater to the need. Although it is challenging to identify the best supplier, many people begin their searches online because it allows them to quickly compare options from multiple vendors. Both the company and the customers benefit from reviews. Customers who leave reviews after receiving a service have an immediate impact on how other people perceive the brand.

Using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, this report examined the best and most rated security barriers companies in Cape Town, as seen in the table below.

Top-rated security barriers companies in Cape Town

Security Barrier Companies Ratings Number of Reviews
Solid Burglar Proofing Burglar Bars & Security Gates 5.0 10
SeQure Western Cape 4.9 31
Shutterway Stylish Security 4.8 49
Be Sure Doors 4.8 5
Magnador Cape Town 4.7 107
Kay’s Automatic Gates and Security 4.6 89
Glow Innovations CC 4.5 15
Precision Gates 3.9 12
Xpanda Western Cape 3.7 6
Maxidor Cape Town 2.3 20

Most reviewed security barriers companies in Cape Town

Security Barrier Companies Number of Reviews Ratings
Magnador Cape Town 107 4.7
Kay’s Automatic Gates and Security 89 4.6
Shutterway Stylish Security 49 4.8
SeQure Western Cape 31 4.9
Maxidor Cape Town 20 2.3
Glow Innovations CC 15 4.5
Precision Gates 12 3.9
Solid Burglar Proofing Burglar Bars & Security Gates 10 5.0
Xpanda Western Cape 6 3.7
Be Sure Doors 5 4.8

According to the data shown above, Solid Burglar Proofing Burglar Bars & Security Gates is the top-rated security company, clocking 5.0 stars out of 5 stars. The second most rated security company is SeQure Western Cape with a 4.9 star-rating and closing off the top three is Shutterway Stylish Security and Be Sure Doors who are tied with both a 4.8-star rating, with the difference in the number of reviews 49 and 5 respectively.

In terms of the most reviewed, Magnador Cape Town is the most reviewed security company with 107 reviews. It is hailed as a top service provider with wonderful staff. With 89 reviews and quality staff and services, Kay’s Automatic Gates and Security is second on the list, and in third place, Shutterway Stylish Security is hailed for its efficient work ethic and friendly personnel with 49 reviews.

Way Forward

eKomi compliments the owners of the top security barriers companies in the two categories for their excellent service, calling all the industry’s competitors to contact a review agency such as eKomi, as it is reliable. The eKomi team provides all oil change services with a proposal to evaluate, which includes free consultation that distinguishes corporate growth and increases sales and online traffic. In 3 months, please check out eKomi’s blog to read our follow-up assessment on which Security Barriers Suppliers will be the best and most rated in Cape Town, SA.


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