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Gift selection for a loved one can occasionally be challenging. Not only do you have to consider what to buy, but also where to obtain the gift, which is made more difficult by the fact that selecting the best reliable provider can be challenging.

Conversely, for most people, the most important considerations for selecting the greatest gift, including flower arrangements, are type, variety, arrangement, and size. Thank goodness, each flower has a symbolic meaning that might guide your decision regarding which one to use on that important day.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a unique present idea, In today’s StarInsights report, we have looked at some top-rated and reviewed unique flowers and gifts shops for you to peruse. Here are the top flowers and gift shops of Kenya, Nairobi, if you’re having a “just because” moment.

Industry Overview

Sending flowers as a gift or present is a traditional way to convey a variety of messages, including, “I love you, thank you, congrats, happy anniversary, I’m sorry, and many others. Therefore, it is not unexpected that both developing and underdeveloped nations have booming floral industries.

With a market share of over 38%, Kenya is the top exporter of cut rose flowers to the European Union (EU). Although direct sales are on the rise, over 65 percent of exported flowers are sold through Dutch auctions. (Kenya Floriculture Industry Report, 2022).

The plant and flower growers, the wholesalers, and the merchants make up the three primary segments of the floral industry. Although the most recent trends take into account all of these factors, there is a clear drive for wholesalers to be gradually eliminated. Their removal implies that flora of all kinds is now accessible to the average person for a substantially cheaper price.

As a result, competition within retailers to end consumers has blown out of proportion. Gifts and Flowers shops are going out of their way and investing in all the tools available to gain, maintain, and improve their reputation

With this in mind, we learnt that perceptions of any brand or business are a major determinant of your market share. The question that pops up, points to the consumer, what does this mean to the customer? How do you choose a flower shop or gift shop when there’s so many?

As a result, customers are constantly searching for reputable flower and gift shops. Finding someone who will offer top-notch service and has glowing testimonials from prior customers is crucial. Reviews can assist shoppers in finding trustworthy florists, avoiding those with subpar services and a history of illegally raising prices on top of listed prices, and learning what previous customers experienced after making a purchase.

Reviews are a useful tool for determining the level of service. People may protect their investment with reputable businesses that properly suit their needs by carefully examining customer evaluations to identify which florists offer excellent services and which they should completely avoid! With no further ado, here are the results.

The top-rated Flower & Gift shop

Flower & Gift Shop


Number of Reviews

Jospah Florist Nairobi 5.0 428
Nairobi flower & gift shop 5.0 45
Fuzzy & Fluff Gifts Nairobi CBD 4.9 405
The RED Petal Florists 4.9 350
Simona Flowers and Gift shop 4.9 247
Fresh Flowers Delivery, Nairobi 4.9 191
Nairobi Florist Fresh Flowers 4.9 149
Nairobi Gifters- Best gifting & flower shop in Nairobi 4.9 72
Posh Florists Nairobi-Flowers and Gift delivery 4.9 42
Same-Day Flower Delivery 4.8 594

Most-reviewed flower & gift shops

Flower & Gift Shop

Number of Reviews


Same-Day Flower Delivery 594 4.8
Jospah Florist Nairobi 428 5.0
Fuzzy & Fluff Gifts Nairobi CBD 405 4.9
The RED Petal Florists 350 4.9
Simona Flowers and Gift shop 247 4.9
Fresh Flowers Delivery Nairobi 191 4.9
Nairobi Florist Fresh Flowers 149 4.9
Nairobi Gifters – Best gifting & flower shop in Nairobi 72 4.9
Nairobi flower & gift shop 45 5.0
Posh Florists Nairobi-Flowers and Gift delivery 42 4.9

Bravo to all the listed top-rated flowers and gift shops in Nairobi, Kenya. Special mention goes to, Jospah Florist Nairobi and Nairobi flower & Gift shop who sit on top, with an amazing 5.0-star rating, the difference only lying in the number of reviews, 428 and 45 respectively. It’s important to note that a five-star review signals to customers that your product or service is of quality.

The majority of the shops on the list earned a 4.9-star rating, while the least rated shop obtained a 4.8-star rating. These results illustrate the steep competition that exists in Nairobi’s florist and gifting sector. As, a result, the score a seller earns has a considerable impact on how well they do in comparison to rivals in a market where there is fierce rivalry. Each positive review advances your product one step above the competitors.

In terms of reviews, Same-Day Flower Delivery tops the list with 594 reviews, followed by Jospah Florist Nairobi with 428 reviews and Fuzzy & Fluff Gifts Nairobi CBD with 405. Additionally, the number of reviews is also a significant variant, consumers are generally more likely to click on shops or business products with numerous reviews. A product actually gains a lot of credibility if it receives a lot of reviews.

Thumbs up! To the owners of the best-rated and most reviewed Flowers and gift shops in Nairobi, for their commendable leadership. These leaders recognized the value of positive reviews and ratings and worked diligently to build customer satisfaction ratings to the highest, which is the goal of maintaining relevance in a highly competitive market. They worked so that customers can have a satisfying experience with them, which is crucial for business success!

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