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eKomi, StarInsights report, is a continuous sequel on a specific sector’s market research data reflecting leading companies with a good volume of positive user ratings and reviews. Today’s report is based on the satisfaction of customers who patronize Toyota dealers in Nigeria.

Industry Overview

Toyota (Nigeria) Limited is Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan’s sole distributor in Nigeria. Toyota’s vehicles explicitly designed for Nigeria are sold through accredited  Toyota dealers across Nigeria.

Toyota has manufactured various products, including buses, pick-up trucks, saloons, and SUVs. If you want to buy a Toyota car in Nigeria, you must do so from one of the Toyota accredited dealers in the country. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Majority of the cars that ply the Nigerian roads are of the Toyota brands. Due to the unreliability of Nigerian roads with its numerous potholes, customers are in search of a car with durable tyres and shock absorbers which can withstand such bad roads. 

Toyota has become very popular in the country by delivering cars that fit those requirements. eKomi’s purpose is directed toward companies that seek to expand through organic and consistent client fulfilment surveys and practice techniques that will take both the brand and the company to another level. 

eKomi conducted a market analysis of the ten most promising Toyota dealers in Nigeria based on the reviews and ratings provided by their customers, using Google Maps. The short-listed Toyota dealerships based on statistical reviews are tabulated below:

Top-rated dealerships in Nigeria

Name of Dealer


Toyota Motors 5.0
Toyota Globe Motors  4.8
Toyota (Nigeria) Limited 4.5
Toyota Kojo Motors  4.3
Omoregie Motors  4.2
Wonderwheels Automobile  4.2
R.T. Briscoe Nigeria PLC  4.2
Metropolitan Motors Limited Ogba Ikeja  4.1
Elizade Nigeria Limited  4.0
Germaine Auto Centre Limited  4.0

Most reviewed Toyota dealerships in Nigeria

Name of Toyota Dealer

Number of Reviews

Elizade Nigeria Limited  392
Germaine Auto Centre Limited  310
Metropolitan Motors Limited Ogba Ikeja  127
R.T. Briscoe Nigeria PLC  85
Wonderwheels Automobile  62
Toyota Kojo Motors  61
Toyota (Nigeria) Limited 42
Omoregie Motors  13
Toyota Globe Motors  4
Toyota Motors  3

With regard to ratings, Toyota dealerships in Nigeria seem to be executing service adequately. The best-rated Toyota dealership is Toyota Motors, with 5.0 stars. eKomi also discovered that the second best-rated dealership was Toyota Globe Motors with 4.8 stars and the third, Toyota (Nigeria) Limited with 4.5 stars.

All the ten companies have shown a very low interest in client satisfaction surveys, when compared with the number of people that buy the brand in Nigeria. Elizade Nigeria Limited is the most reviewed Toyota dealer with 392 reviews. Next is Germaine Auto Centre Limited with 310 reviews, followed by Metropolitan Motors Limited, Ogba Ikeja with 127 reviews.

Low reviews indicate a lack of quality service to prospective passengers and can  put them off from doing business with the airport, because reviews tell the buyer more about the dealership than what the company puts on its website.

Congratulations to the CEO’s of the top three Toyota dealerships for their high ratings and reviews. We also urge all dealerships in the industry to be ready to work on their reviews and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce increased reviews that are organic, dependable and reflective of the airline. 

The eKomi team presents all Toyota dealerships with an offer to assess customer reviews, which includes a free consultation to deduce the expansion of the dealership and to optimize its search traffic and sales growth.

Check out eKomi’s blog in three months to read our next assessment on which Toyota dealership will be the best rated and which one will be the most rated dealership in Nigeria.

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