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With the recent rise in popularity of animal rescue centres, eKomi has released its StarInsights report on these businesses. The report is based on Google My Business submissions and focuses specifically to show what customers are saying about the rescue centres online through reviews.

eKomi, analysed USA Animal Rescue centres reviews to find trends and critical insights into performance. Most animal enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best rescue organizations from which to acquire a healthy pet.

Industry Overview

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in today’s market. This has always been true for businesses, but it is becoming clearer with each passing day how much of an impact positive reviews can have on businesses when trying to secure new clients or attract returning ones who may be looking elsewhere because they had better experiences elsewhere before returning.

Reviews are important because they assist animal enthusiasts in connecting with stray animals in need of a home. Animal enthusiasts learn about the rescue centres and their operations by reading reviews from others, which can provide useful information for making decisions on where they want to contribute their time or money towards helping these helpless creatures survive.

eKomi’s best-rated animal rescue centre

Animal rescue service Rating  Number of Reviews
AMA Animal Rescue 4.9 699
Skylands Sanctuary & Animal Rescue 4.9 122
Sammys Hope Animal Welfare & Adoption Center 4.8 106
Paws Unite People  4.8 37
Paws Crossed Animal Rescue 4.7 208
Southern Paws Inc. 4.7 144
Best Friend’s Lifesaving Center 4.6 280
Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs 4.6 162
Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society 4.6 52

eKomi’s most-rated animal rescue centre

Animal rescue centre Number of Reviews Ratings
Sean Casey Animal Rescue 1,067 4.5
Animal Rescue League of Berks County 1,003 4.5
AMA Animal Rescue 699 4.9
Last Chance Ranch 374 4.5
Best Friend’s Lifesaving Center 280 4.6
Animal Haven 272 4.5
Last Hope, Inc. Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation 217 4.3
Paws Crossed Animal Rescue 208 4.7
Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs 162 4.6

The best-rated animal rescue centres, according to Google My Business ratings as of July 2022, is the AMA rescue centre, which has 4.9 stars and 699 reviews. Skyland’s Sanctuary and Animal Rescue Center comes in second with 4.9 stars and 122 reviews, followed by Rescue City with 4.8 stars and 516 reviews. 

These animal rescue centres should be commended for their dedication to rescuing and caring for stray animals. These animal rescue centres have a sense of dedication that is unparalleled, thus cultivating an innate sense of trust between humans who utilize these services as well as animals in need.

The CEOs of the best-rated animal rescue centres, AMA Rescue Center, Skyland’s Rescue Center, and Rescue City, should be commended for their great achievement. These CEOs recognize the value of favourable reviews, and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings is critical to success in this increasingly competitive market.

eKomi‘s platform has been a great help to animal rescue organizations by improving their ratings and reviews, which can lead them in the direction of success like any business would want. eKomi provides valuable insight into how animal rescue centres are perceived online, allowing for any necessary improvements to be made as soon as possible for success.

We’ll issue a new edition of this StarInsights report in the next three months. 

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