Best Postal Service Companies in Switzerland 

Best postal service companies in Switzerland

Best Postal Service Companies in Switzerland 

Postal companies have been a crucial part of our lives for decades. They are the backbone of physical mail delivery. They provide their services all over the world. This system dates back to ancient civilisations, which were a lot slower than what we are used to today. Today, you get your mail in a matter of days, maybe a week tops. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the oldest companies in the market. eKomi will be focusing solely on the companies in Switzerland.

A Market Overview

Last year, the Swiss Post mailed 1.8 billion addressed letters and 202.1 million parcels in 2021, according to Statista. They are a public company owned by Switzerland’s national postal service and the Swiss Confederation. They also operate in four different markets: the communication market, the financial services market, the logistics market and the passenger transport market. Likewise, they provide fast, accurate and efficient services and work which makes them the market leaders in Switzerland when it comes to postal services.

Through these services, Switzerland has the best postal service in the world, according to postal times. This information is based on reach, resilience, relevance, and reliability. This can also be seen through ratings and reviews, which are another factor that can boost any business’s revenue and customer service. Below, eKomi will provide you with a table with a list of the top postal services in Switzerland, so you can get a clear picture of how well these companies are doing in the market and where they sit.

Top-Rated Postal services in Switzerland

Companies  Ratings Reviews 
Richtig Service GmbH 5,0 45
DHL Service Point (Best Price, SA) 5,0 5
Flyer plus Kern 5,0 22
Swiss Mail International AG 5,0 2
Disconnect ag – Schnellster und nachhaltigster Kurierdienst der Schweiz 4,9 77
Swiss-Verzollung Waldshut-Tiengen 4,9 45
LAS Burg Postal Service 4,9 16
POG Paket ohne Grenzen – Lieferadresse für Schweizer 4,8 209
Africa Container Shipping 4,8 4
Flash Kurier 4,7 31

Top-Reviewed Postal Services In Switzerland 

Companies  Reviews Ratings
DHL Express 547 3,0
Galliker Transport AG 350 4,4
Planzer Transport AG 292 3,0
POG Paket ohne Grenzen – Lieferadresse für Schweizer 209 4,8
PostLogistics (Postal Service) 190 1,7
DHL Express (Switzerland) AG 174 3,3
Schenker Schweiz AG 122 4,1
swissconnect ag – Schnellster und nachhaltigster Kurierdienst der Schweiz 77 4,9
AKS Autokurier Service AG 51 3,1
Richtig Service GmbH 45 5,0

Findings: The information drafted on the table above was acquired through Google My Business. As shown above, the top 4 companies all have a 5,0 rating with Richtig Services GmbH because of the ratings-to-review ratio. The Top-Reviewed table shows a huge gap because there you can see DHL Express has 547 reviews, which is the most compared to the rest of the table. What you also see is that Ricthig Service GmbH is at the bottom with 45 reviews, even though they topped the rating table.

Ratings and reviews provide you with the information you need and give you a clear picture in terms of how well these companies are doing in the market and what their customers think about their services. These are boosted and gained through customer satisfaction and services rendered. They can also be helped and improved through eKomi.

Bottom Line 

eKomi is what you need when it comes to a top feedback company that has solidified its place in today’s market and, as mentioned above, boosted ratings and reviews. They are credited for their achievements, which include being efficient, trustworthy, and reliable. Chiefly, reviews and ratings are important for postal service because they build trust and credibility, improve quality, enhance reputation, increase visibility, and provide a competitive advantage.

In Summing Up: Postal Service Companies in Switzerland

All things considered, postal companies remain a vital part of the delivery infrastructure. At the same time, ratings and reviews will also continue to complement companies to get better. In order for customer satisfaction to increase and for services to be better. 


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