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eKomi- the Feedback Company is excited to present its latest Plugin, the BigCommerce eKomi Plugin.

Always inspired by client requests and our own professional emphasis on seamless integration and time saving, this Plugin will change the way you generate reviews. In order to understand more about this new extension, we interviewed eKomi’s Go-to-Market Manager, Olivia Oberle Ruiz.

Q.Why is eKomi’s Plugin for BigCommerce important?

A.It allows you to integrate the eKomi review collection technology into your BigCommerce shop system with one click. This enables eKomi to automatically determine which of your clients have completed an order or received their products and thus should now be contacted for their review. Moreover, eKomi clients can use this tool for free.

Q.What kind of technical knowledge is required for setting up the eKomi Plugin?

A.Close to none! The plugin is a zip file that takes seconds to install. In addition, every setup is guided by our dedicated implementation team, and supported by documentation.

Q.Is this eKomi’s first Plugin?

A.No, this is just the latest of a long list of eKomi shop system plugins, developed specifically to facilitate the implementation of eKomi review technology for shop system clients. So far eKomi has successfully developed Plugins for: MagentoPrestaShopShopifyWooCommerce, Shopware,
DreamCommerce, gambio software, IBM, JTL Shop, MIVA, OXID,  thelia, volusion and Salesforce.

Q.So in general terms, what does this plugin do?

A.Once installed, the BigCommerce eKomi Plugin allows you to define when during the post-sale process and how we should get in touch with your clients on your behalf to ask for their feedback. Specifically, you can decide to send a seller review request, or a seller and product review request; determine which specific order status should trigger it and whether you prefer to contact your clients via email or SMS (depending of course on your eKomi subscription). All seller reviews collected will still be moderated by eKomi and syndicated to Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, as always.

Summing up the exciting information about the new BigCommerce eKomi Plugin, the list below will help you get a clear understanding of how this tool can enhance your eKomi experience.

Special Features of the Plugin

*Request reviews of both your service and products

If your eKomi subscription includes the collection of product reviews, our plugin will read in the relevant product IDs and request a review for not only your business as a whole but the specific items that were purchased as well. These can then be showcased on your product pages to help your customers in their purchasing decision, increase your conversion rates, boost your sales and improve your SEO campaign. For automatic product review display, consider using our eKomi Product Review Container that we specifically developed for e-Commerce businesses. For more information, book a demo at your convenience.

*Complete control of the review request dispatch time.

The Plugin allows you to select which order status should trigger the sending of a request to ensure the highest review response rate.

*Select your preferred communication channel

Will it be via email or via SMS? You can pick the way you prefer to get in touch with your end customers to receive as much feedback as possible.


  1. You collect genuine seller reviews that count for your Google rating and can be displayed as stars on your AdWords to increase your CTR by 17%.
  2. (If applicable) you collect product ratings which you can then display on your product pages.
  3. You have the complete control over communication with your clients.
  4. You save time and energy with our Hands-off technology.
  5. You continue protecting the integrity and compliance of your reviews through our eKomi moderation.

Book a demo to find out more about BigCommerce eKomi Plugin and download the Plugin here for free.

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