Can Good Parent Reviews Build Trust in the Daycare System?

One of the most important decisions that parents face is where to place their children for childcare and extracurricular programs.  The number of working mothers has continued to rise over time. Recent statistics indicate that more than 70% of mothers with children under the age of 18 work, and of those, more than 75% work full time.  Parents looking for daycare options want to find a place that is clean, safe, conveniently located, run by caring adults, and educationally stimulating. That’s a tall order! In-person visits can only provide so much information, and word-of-mouth only helps if the parents know other parents using a specific facility.  More and more frequently, parents are turning to daycare and after-school program reviews to find the right place for their children.

How Can Parent Reviews Help?

Touring a daycare center or after-school program gives parents access to the look and feel of a place and is critical when choosing a childcare provider.  However, the owners and workers will always present the best possible image for a showing. They can provide the schedules and routines your child will follow and highlight special programs and activities, but it may be hard to get a sense of how much the children enjoy those activities or how much they like the people running them.  Parents want to know what a place is like when no one is looking. Reviews from parents who actually use the center offer an unbiased look into the ins and outs of a daycare center. For parents, especially those who are new to the area or first-time parents who may not have any friends with kids, these reviews are an invaluable source of information.


Reviews collected by eKomi provide great insight into the personal care offered by this chain of Child Care/Learning Centers.  For example, Justin Craig Education – The Exam Experts was awarded the Silver Seal of Approval by eKomi. Justin Craig Education, based in the United Kingdom, is a program devoted to increasing students’ confidence and motivation in their schoolwork and exams.

Many of the reviews speak to the skills and knowledge of the teachers there. One parent said, “The quality of the teaching was very high with the small group size enabling plenty of personal attention.” While other reviews spoke to the improvements that the parents were seeing in their child after attending sessions at Justin Craig Education — The course is giving my daughter more confidence. She is now able to talk and ask questions in class. Would definitely recommend to others.”

A Healthy Balance

While not all the reviews are positive, the variety of good and bad reviews and the range of opinions gives a representative picture of the program from different perspectives. It is important that parents see the full scope of a business and what they have to offer in their services and products. The bottom line — these stories and reviews are shared from parent to parent, making them that much more powerful, authentic, and useful!

Of course, any concerned parent will also want to learn about the specific offerings of a daycare center or after-school program — these parent reviews are a wonderful supplement to the information available on the Justin Craig website itself. All of theses resources will ultimately give parents the tools they need to make an informed decision about where to send their children for different needs.

How Can Parents Know Which Reviews to Trust?

Helpful as these reviews can be, they are only truly useful if they come from a trustworthy source.  Sadly, false reviews are more commonplace than one might expect. Competing businesses have been known to write false reviews to give readers a negative impression.  How can a parent know which reviews to trust?

That’s why it is important to consult the many different reviews platforms, as well as utilize the resources of a trustworthy third-party ratings and reviews collection companies like Our mission is to collect reviews from authentic customers, compile that information into one location, authenticate each review individually, and use them to give a business our seal of approval. By considering our reviews, parents can have the confidence they need to find the childcare/tutoring center that best fits their family’s needs.  


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