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Leading Indian Restaurants in Durban, South Africa

From Bombay biryanis, and curries to Punjabi grills, Durban’s thriving Indian food industry provides a complete variety of regional styles and specialities. ‘It’s a Bollywood symphony of delicious flavours.” Consequently, this StarInsights report thoroughly studies the most well-regarded and well-reviewed Indian restaurants in Durban, SA, so that you may discover the best dishes at the ideal locations around town.

A run-through of the Indian Food Industry

Durban is famous for many things, the place is renowned for its picturesque beaches along the Golden Mile, its world-class surf breaks, and its vibrant Indian culture. The latter is responsible for the city’s reputation as the curry capital of SA, making this a fine destination for foodies as well.

This is thanks to its fabulous Indian community, the second largest outside India. From fast food to fine dining, there are many options available. As a result, choosing the best Indian restaurant is difficult, given that there are plenty!

Nonetheless, reviews help customers to make the best choice and pick one restaurant over other restaurants. In this day and age, consumers heavily rely on reviews when deciding where to eat. Positive reviews let customers know that the food is delicious, safely prepared, and worth choosing over other restaurants. So, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, here are the results on the best and most rated Indian Restaurants in Durban.

Most reviewed Indian restaurants in Durban


Number of Reviews

Canecutters Restaurant 2317
House Of Curries 2052
Jaipur Palace Restaurant 1729
Gounden’s Restaurant & Take Away 1244
The Little India Restaurant 992
Malis Indian Restaurant 748
New Little Gujarat Restaurant 331
Bombay Blu 320
Panaji 276

At the top of our most reviewed list with 2317 reviews, Canecutters Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant that serves signature Indian dishes that come served alongside plenty of dry ice, foams, gels, and other theatrics that taste as good as they look. Second, on the list with 2052 reviews, House Of Curries offers a range of best curries for great prices, and with 1729 reviews, Jaipur Palace Restaurant is described as having quality meals in good portions in a great atmosphere.

Ratings are critical to the importance of your business and work in tandem with reviews to increase customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. We, therefore, additionally evaluated the top-rated Indian Restaurants in Durban.


Top-rated Indian restaurants in Durban



Durban Curry House 4.5
indian delights 4.5
Gounden’s Restaurant & Take Away 4.4
Panaji 4.4
Malis Indian Restaurant 4.3
The Curry Os Point Waterfront 4.3
Canecutters Restaurant 4.2
The Little India Restaurant 4.2

Our list includes restaurants with ratings of 4.2 stars and above. Therefore, compliments go to the owners of the top listed Indian Restaurants in Durban in both categories for their excellent services and urge all their competitors in the industry to up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce reviews that are organic and credible.

In the following three months, we will conduct another evaluation, and it anticipates that all businesses in the Indian restaurant sector will show improvement in customer feedback. eKomi is providing free consultations to help prepare businesses for the next assessment. These consultations will cover how each party may help the other’s business grow through favourable ratings.

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