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Where to stay in Paris?

There is no doubt about the fame the Eiffel Tower city has gathered over the years. From movies to celebrity presence and from luxury to budget, this city as it all. Therefore, it goes without saying that everyone should go visit Paris definitely when in France

While the more the merrier, choosing where to say when in Paris an be a hefty task if you’re visiting the city for the first time ever. Therefore, this StarInsights report presents a comprehensive analysis of the highly commended and most reviewed hotels and inns across the city to help you decide where you should reside based on the goals you have from your trip to Paris. We wish to ensure your touristy dreams do come true.

Top Hotels in Paris, France

While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every industrial sector negatively, it proved to be every hotelier’s worst nightmare. With quarantines and curfews, it became almost impossible for them to keep their doors open with the extremely limited customer base. Nevertheless, the recent leniencies in COVID-19 restrictions have led to a rekindled hope for the hospitality industry. With the remarkable surge in tourism, the hotel industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 5.5% in the next five years. 

Speaking of the second-biggest tourist destinations around the globe, i.e. Paris, the industry is expected to flourish at an increasing rate of 4.7% annually. Even with about 1700 hotels, the city is registering a high demand for hotel residence this year. Knowing you could pick and choose from so many hotels can become daunting as a tourist with not much insight into the city’s demographics and areas. Hence, without further ado, let’s turn to some statistics about Paris’s hotels. By the end of this report, we’d hope you know exactly what hotel to book and not worry about residence when you reach there. 

Best Rated Hotels in Paris



Number of Reviews

Maison Souquet 4.8 452
Hôtel de JoBo 4.8 323
Hôtel Relais des Halles Paris 4.8 255
Hôtel Monge 4.8 245
Hôtel Saint-Marc 4.8 240
Hotel Les Deux Girafes 4.8 157
La Chambre du Marais 4.8 154
Relais Christine 4.8 138
Hôtel Victoire & Germain 4.8 135
Millesime Hôtel Paris 4.8 95
Le Presbytere 4.8 75
J.K. Place Paris 4.8 48
Pepper and Paper Apartments 4.8 41
Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris 4.7 3608
The Peninsula Paris 4.7 2305

Most Reviewed Hotels in Paris



Number of Reviews

Mama Shelter Paris East 4.1 4309
Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel 4.0 4288
Generator Paris 4.0 4001
Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile 4.3 3755
ibis budget Paris Porte de Montmartre 3.1 3683
Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel 4.3 3608
Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris 4.7 3608
Le Méridien Etoile 4.2 3468
St Christopher’s Inn Paris Gare du Nord 4.0 3446
Novotel Paris Est 3.4 3441
Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center 4.1 3038
Paris Tour Eiffel Cambronne 15ème 3.6 3024
Styles Paris Bercy 3.8 2855
B&B HOTEL 4.0 2852
Meliá Paris La Défense 4.2 2723

For the purposes of this research, data was gathered from the official Google My Business Ratings for September 9, 2022. As of this day, Maison Souquet is rated the highest with a 4.8-star rating and almost 500 reviews. Hôtel de JoBo and Hôtel Relais des Halles Paris followed, with the same rating but slightly lower reviews. Nevertheless, kudos to these hotels for making it to the top three rated hotels in a very competitive industry. 

In terms of the number of reviews, Mama Shelter Paris East, Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel, and Generator Paris have topped the ranks with over 4000 reviews each. Out of these three, Mama Shelter Paris East, has the highest number of reviews being 4309 with a rating of 4.1 stars. It is truly commendable that these hotels were able to attract welcoming reviews in such a grinding and fierce industry, as this analysis is entirely based on reviews from satisfied clients. 

Visiting the top Hotels in Paris

Since this industry is very fast-paced and altering on a daily basis, particularly in Paris, any hotels that trump these in the upcoming days will be reflected in the next eKomi report. Overall, this report provided a conclusive insight on the importance of business savvy and investment in promoting yourselves online. Here at eKomi, we can help you earn positive Google Reviews and promote your hotel businesses. Therefore, feel free to snag yourself a consultation. We hope to hear from you!

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