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How A Top Beauty Brand is Using Customer Feedback to Develop Best-in-Class Products

With companies taking to the Internet to sell their products, it seems that the companies’ relationships with their customers might become more removed. Company-customer relationships do not have to feel the strain. Skin care companies operate under intimate circumstances, meaning that clients use their products to look better and, ultimately, feel better about themselves. One facial product can translate to a customer with a renewed self-image. As a result, reputable companies strive to maintain a connection with their audience.

At this point in time, the Millennial generation is slightly larger than the Baby Boomer generation, 83.1 million to 81 million, and that gap will increase. Millennials may have known life before the Internet, but many do not remember landlines or even dial-up. Essentially, online reviews are Millennials’ comfort zone. If need be, they can show their Baby Boomer parents not brought up on the Internet how to navigate the world of online shopping and skin care reviews. Moreover, Millennials, as a whole, value transparency and are not fooled by overly positive when the reality is more balanced. As a result, they want the reviews of skin care products they read to be authentically generated and moderated.

Below are several examples of companies that take into account their relationships with their customers and continue to grow and expand because of their loyal base.

CompleteSkinCare Nurtures Relationships with Customers

CompleteSkinCare is an online retailer whose mission is to sell the best skin care products, including dermatologist-approved anti-aging creams, lip treatments, and more, at the lowest prices. Its most important quality, though, is its nurturing of customer relationships. This is evident from the 4.9/5 seller rating and Gold Seal of Approval it received from reviewer site eKomi. In their skin care reviews, customers also note the friendliness, knowledge, and helpfulness of CompleteSkinCare representatives. The company’s staff is accessible to a vast array of customers in a few formats, including online chat and telephone. Various 5/5-star reviews discuss representatives suggesting products that might work for their customers without pressuring them to purchase.

Just Herbs Grows Due to Strong Customer Base

Starting out as an online retailer in 2013, Just Herbs now owns a brick-and-mortar shop in the small city of Chandigarh, India and plans to launch several stores each year in major Indian cities. In part due to its unisex, natural product line and full-ingredient disclosure, the company has loyal customers from Southeast Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. In fact, the company witnessed 144% growth in 2017.  The product quality is not the only reason for growth. Just Herbs believes in a customer-driven approach. The company utilizes customer feedback to influence and improve new products. Furthermore, the company hires consultants at the brick-and-mortar stores to guide customers with their selections.

Some Companies Take a PR Risk to Improve Customer Loyalty

Dove, a company under the umbrella of Unilever, was known for its bar of white soap. In time, Dove moved into the development of additional beauty supplies but faced major competition. In the early 2000s, Dove started a PR campaign that involved talking to women customers to understand how they viewed beauty and, ultimately, themselves. Dove was the first mainstream company to tackle the definition of feminine beauty. Based on research, Dove discovered that 80% of American women did not like their bodies. The Campaign for Real Beauty consisted of a variety of stages, including 2004 billboard images of diversely shaped, sized, and colored women looking confident in bras and panties. In 2013, the famous Real Beauty Sketches paired everyday women with forensic artists. These artists sketched the women’s portraits twice. The first time was based only on what the women said about themselves, and the second was based on what a third-party female said about the women’s appearance. The results clearly showed that women were critical of themselves and supportive of their fellow females.

The Campaign for Real Beauty continues to exist today in different forms. It has received mixed reviews from people who worry that the message of real beauty contradicts the company’s selling of products that change or enhance beauty. However, the company’s quest to become a household name and reach clients was a success. Dove does not release specific sales details, but a brand director for the company confirms that the campaign increased customers’ loyalty to the brand and, as a result, sales have increased.

How Can Your Company Utilize Customer Feedback?

Based on the company examples above, consider the following takeaways that could help your company create best in-class products:

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