How GetYourGuide Improves Paid Search Campaigns With eKomi

Small Change, Great Impact

GetYourGuide is a booking platform for incredible travel experiences.

“Paid search is an important part of our business and there was value in using seller ratings in our channels. For this reason, we decided to work together with eKomi and use the solution as a third-party partner for the implementation of seller rating extensions,” says Wouter Blok, VP Performance at GetYourGuide.

GetYourGuide started using eKomi in summer 2018. “After some positive results, we decided to scale further in March 2019.”

eKomi helped us to scale the seller ratings in all our domains. We are now showing seller ratings for 23 domains, all over the world!

Seller Ratings

According to Google Support, Seller ratings are an automated extension type that showcase advertisers with high ratings. Seller ratings, which appear below text ads, help people find businesses that offer quality services. Seller ratings can help advertisers improve ad performance and earn more qualified leads. (Source:

Why eKomi?

  • Wouter, if you had to choose one reason, why would you recommend eKomi?
  • Quick and uncomplicated implementation of the solution. We basically were onboarded and started using the solution within a month.

eKomi allowed us to use the seller ratings in our Paid search channel, which are a very important part of our business. eKomi has a positive impact in our business.

Improve Your Marketing

  • Your main benefits of getting Seller Ratings:
  • Increased CTR & Conversion Rate
  • Reduced Cost & Increased Quality Score
  • Increased Social Proof: Improved Perception, Credibility, and Transparency

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