How Often Do Online Reviews Influence Sales of a Beauty Product?

Years ago, beauty products fell into one of two camps: high-end department store products and cheaper versions found at the drugstore.  Customers relied on samples–remember the perfume ladies at the mall?–or recommendations from family and friends to find products they liked.  But, the advent of internet sales has allowed for an explosion of beauty products and the need for new marketing techniques. Customers looking online can find high-end, low-brow, and specialty products targeting very specific audiences.  The variety of products available means there is probably something out there for every niche market, but it can also prove challenging to the customer who must sort through all the available options. As more and more customers are looking online for beauty products, many of them turn to customer reviews to find what they are looking for.

How Do Online Reviews Influence Sales?

Several studies underscore the importance of customer reviews for internet sales.  According to one source, 61% of customers read online reviews. Another source found that 90% of consumers read reviews before making an online purchase, and 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.  Not only are customers using online reviews to determine whether or not they will make a purchase, the types of reviews influence how much these customers will spend. Customers typically spend 31% more on companies that have excellent reviews.  

Clearly, these statistics suggest that most shoppers today utilize reviews to determine whether or not they will make a purchase, and even how much they will spend on that purchase.  Customer reviews have far too much power for businesses to ignore them.

The power of customer reviews may be especially true for beauty products.  Beauty product users, especially women, tend to feel a personal connection with the products they use.  They are looking for the perfect product for their individual skin and hair, and once they find something that works, they can be extremely loyal to that brand.  Specialty and niche-market products that are not widely available in retail stores rely heavily on online reviews to build trust with new and potential customers.  

The Lindi Skin Strategy

Consider Lindi Skin, a beauty product company specializing in skin care products for people with sensitive or compromised skin.  Lindi Skin was developed specifically for people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, but can be used by anyone interested in high-quality products that are gentle on the skin.  All of their products are allergy- and dermatologist-tested, so that even people with the most sensitive skin can use them. The products are targeted to soothe and relieve many of the irritations suffered by patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.  

While this is an important market, it is so specialized that a word-of-mouth reputation might not be enough to sustain the business.  Patients would have to know another patient who had used the product to get a good recommendation. But, the Lindi Skin Care Reviews available online allow people in this community to connect with others in similar situations and share their experiences.  Some of the reviews available on speak to the efficacy of the product and consumer confidence in them. One patient states that, “I began using the products during chemo & radiation…The cool gel rollers are amazing for the skin of the area being treated, so soothing, helped alleviate the burning & itching & no damage to the skin.”  Another states that, “I ordered the cooler pad and balm to try to relieve my radiation treatment discomfort. Both products are very helpful.” For a patient looking for skin care products during treatment, these reviews from fellow patients are extremely powerful and informative. Customers are more likely to trust reviews from fellow patients than recommendations from the manufacturer or even doctors.

How Can Beauty Product Consumers Know Which Reviews to Trust?

We have established the importance of customer reviews for beauty product sales, but, sadly, false, negative reviews are more common than you might expect.  Competing companies have been known to direct their own employees, or even hire freelance writers, to write fake negative reviews for other businesses. At, we are dedicated to providing a place where customers can find authentic customer reviews.

eKomi’s Mission

How does eKomi work? When a consumer uses a product or service, eKomi sends out a review request to the consumer. The information is gathered, authenticated, and then published to the eKomi website. eKomi also gives out a Seal of Approval based on their evaluation of the company and its reviews. This way consumers are able to read about a company’s products and services without having to sift through multiple websites and potentially inauthentic reviews. Put the power of customer reviews behind your products with help from

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