How a Photo Printing Company Leverages Online Customer Reviews

Celso-ClarianaOn this occasion, we have talked with Celso Clariana Poch, CEO of, Grupo Camera Trade S.L.U.

– Celso, how important is customer feedback for your company and industry?

– It is definitely essential for us. We are dedicated to photographic printing. Knowing our clients’ opinions about our services is key both for correcting errors that we might make as well as for boosting the strategies and policies that our clients validate. We value good ratings but those that are not so good have much more value for the simple reason that they often allow us to detect problems that we couldn’t otherwise perceive.

And, from the client’s point of view, being able to access the valuations with which other users “reward or punish” their own experience on our website is very important when deciding whether to hire our services.

– How was the situation in your company before implementing eKomi?

– Working without eKomi was, in many ways, like walking in the dark. We did not have any efficient and fast way to check the satisfaction of our customers. We could only guess. With eKomi, it is much simpler and more direct. We can establish very precisely what effects the different strategies we implement have on our audience. Actually, eKomi is like a privileged and direct channel with the consumer of your services. And that, today, is essential if you want to guide your policies and strategies efficiently.

– What changed once you hired eKomi to handle your customer feedback professionally?

– The changes are more than remarkable. Suddenly you find at your disposal a lot of verified information that affects crucial aspects of our activity. We incorporate all this information flow into the design and decision processes that become thereby much more specific, shorter and effective.

It is not easy to have direct contact channels with the final consumer in which there is also the assurance that the opinions they may express are not altered in any way. eKomi is the direct and frank line that any 21st-century company wants.

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– Would you recommend eKomi to other companies?

– Of course. In our sector and in any other, submitting to the client’s verdict is an opportunity and, as such, we must take advantage of it.

– What do customers value most from your service?

– Printing images is much more than just transmitting data to a photographic paper. I don’t mean to say that this is an easy process: To begin, we need the contest of collaborators that are properly trained in topics as varied and complex as color treatment, chemical processes, advanced computing… We also need to have the machinery that best meets every specific need. But, in addition, we like to think that we deal with the “memory” of our customers. When we print, we are aware that, for our clients, these images are part of their own history and, consequently, they are a source of joy… or a source of disappointment, if we have not been effective enough when attempting to materialize our clients’ memories.

We also work for the professional market, where the conditions are undoubtedly different, but in which the demand for quality, meeting deadlines and reasonable prices is not even an inch laxer.

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