Pest Control Companies in Cape Town, South Africa – A StarInsights report from eKomi


Do you have a cockroach problem? Termites discovered in your house? A surplus of flies or perhaps bed bugs bit you? The moment has come to get rid of bugs in your house or place of business by calling a pest control firm. 

In today’s StarInsights report, we have included a list of some competent and reputable pest control businesses in Cape Town that you may contact for assistance in dealing with a pest infestation. The report aims to reflect the effectiveness of these pest management services as evaluated by their customers.

Industry Overview

Due to the vast amount of land in South Africa (SA), many land animals co-exist. One of the biggest drawbacks of this phenomenon is the pulsating population of pests at locations ranging from enormous warehouses down to the corner of every other house in the neighbourhood. This explains why numerous pest control companies are in business in the country.

These pest control services play a critical role in both personal and commercial settings in preventing the enormous harm pests could do to a farm, a house, a manufacturing line, and the health of workers and residents. 

Online “Do It Yourself” (DIY) advice is occasionally available. But because they either contain strong chemicals or are not adequately applied, many remedies can have harmful side effects.

Services for pest management assist businesses and residences in identifying the pest, locating its source, and minimizing the damage it causes. Therefore, the health of the company’s employees and the residents of the homes is improved. However, many homes and businesses have a pest crisis but are unsure which business to call to address the problem.

Reviews like the ones below are essential for those requiring high-quality pest control services. They can locate these services more quickly as a result. This communicates to others how well the service was received and how they felt about it. Reviews are crucial since they affect the brand and reputation of the business.

Top-rated pest control company in Cape Town

Pest Control Company


Number of Reviews

Pest Managers 5.0 43
VERM-X Pest Control Cape Town 5.0 30
Dead Easy Pest Control 5.0 23
EJs Pest Control 4.9 68
Prime Pest Control and Cleaning Services 4.9 34
Pest Control Cape Town 4.7 315
Pest Control Specialists™ 4.7 18
Rod Bendix Pest Control Services 4.6 9
Henchem 4.3 150
Rentokil Initial Western Cape 3.8 133

Top-reviewed pest control company in Cape Town

Pest Control Company

Number of Reviews


Pest Control Cape Town 315 4.7
Henchem 150 4.3
Rentokil Initial Western Cape 133 3.8
EJs Pest Control 68 4.9
Pest Managers 43 5.0
Prime Pest Control and Cleaning Services 34 4.9
VERM-X Pest Control Cape Town 30 5.0
Dead Easy Pest Control 23 5.0
Pest Control Specialists™ 18 4.7
Rod Bendix Pest Control Services 9 4.6

The pest control companies listed above have shown superb standards of customer satisfaction. Pest Managers, VERM-X Pest Control, and Dead Easy Pest Control are tied at the top of the list with  5.0stars. The difference lies in the number of reviews 43, 30, and 23, respectively.

In terms of top reviews, customers of pest control companies in Cape Town gave a total of 315 reviews to Pest Control Cape-Town. Followed by Henchem with 150 reviews and Rentokil Inital W/C with 133 reviews.

One significant thing to note about these companies is that they don’t run independently of humans. Congratulations to the CEOs of the top three companies for their extraordinary leadership and professional qualities geared toward seeing that every nook and cranny of homes and companies are rid of pests. Their efforts come from the standpoint of effect a healthy populace, not one held down by diseases from destructive pests.

eKomi posits a structure that allows your pest control business to also rank top among the pest control service providers through reviews. You can contact us to schedule a free consultation to help your business grow in customers and size. These reviews will allow you to show up easily for search results, including pest control services.


The name of companies on this list will be updated in three months. This is because companies would have garnered new reviews and ratings, allowing them to climb the ladder. This is why reviews are necessary for you also to top this listing. They are rungs of the ladder to topping the charts of the best pest control services in Cape Town. Who knows? You might as well be topping this list when the following review is published in three months’ time!

Look forward to it!

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