An Analysis of the Mechanic Industry in India | An eKomi StarInsights report

An Analysis of the Mechanic Industry in India

Let’s face it; most of us don’t know everything there is to know about the mechanical health of our vehicles, and who can blame us? It takes years of hard work and continuous training to become a fully certified technician. This StarInsights report covers the mechanic industry in India. 

Mechanic Services in India

According to Oxford Dictionary, “a mechanic is a talented specialist who fixes and keeps up with vehicle motors and other hardware.” They are otherwise called administration professionals, and manage upkeep reviews, screen stock, gather mechanical parts, and perform fixes.

Their obligations cover everything from motors, to belts, transmissions, and brakes, and are an extremely indispensable piece of the car business. Without mechanics, vehicles are bound to be denounced after a breakdown, bringing more issues for the proprietor, rather than being fixed effectively by an expert repairman.

Nobody likes to drive a car that has a problem. That is why you bring your vehicle to one of India’s mechanics for comprehensive motor vehicle solutions such as maintenance, repair, and bodywork. Driving a broken-down automobile in any country is dangerous. It might cost you and your passengers’ lives. As a result, taking the car to a garage for service on a regular basis is an essential practice.

Not only will the automobile operate properly, but it will also survive longer. But how do you select the best mechanic, in a given country with a multitude of auto repair garages? Therefore, this report has grouped a report based on the Google Maps audits and evaluations to rank the least and best-reviewed mechanic services in India. The data collated is laid out in the tables below:

Most reviewed mechanic service in India

Name of Service 

Most reviewed

GoMechanic (H.Q.)  4,747
ReadyAssist (HQ) – 24 Hrs Bike & Car Breakdown Service – India  2,447
Pitstop  1,336
Dhone Automobiles Viman Nagar  852
AutoMechanica  461
NEXA Service (Kothari Wheels)  449
Car-O-Care  216
Repair Services India  115
MAHLE Engineering Services India Private Limited + GMP school  85
GoMechanic – LuxCoats Customs  46

Best-rated mechanic service in India

Name of service 


GoMechanic – LuxCoats Customs  5.0
AutoMechanica  4.7
ReadyAssist (HQ) – 24 Hrs Bike & Car Breakdown Service – India  4.6
Pitstop  4.6
GoMechanic (H.Q.)  4.5
Repair Services India  4.5
MAHLE Engineering Services India Private Limited + GMP school  4.3
Car-O-Care  4.1
NEXA Service (Kothari Wheels)  3.8
Dhone Automobiles Viman Nagar  3.6


The three most appraised organizations, according to Google Maps, are GoMechanic – LuxCoats Customs, AutoMechanica, and ReadyAssist (HQ) – 24 Hrs Bike and Car Breakdown Service – India, with appraisals of 5.0, 4.7, and 4.6 independently. Second place is a tie between two organizations conveying appraisals of 4.5. The two associations are GoMechanic (H.Q.), and Repair Services India. The third best-rated is MAHLE Engineering Services India Private Limited + GMP school, while Car-O-Care holds the fourth spot.

We additionally conducted an examination utilizing Google Maps audits. GoMechanic (H.Q.) is the main, most-explored mechanic service in India, with 4,747 audits. Next is ReadyAssist (HQ) – 24 Hrs Bike & Car Breakdown Service – India, with 2,447 surveys, trailed by Pitstop with 1,336 reviews.

eKomi shows respect to the CEOs of the highest evaluated mechanic services in India in the two arrangements and lauds them for dependably making quality assistance that results in positive audits. Regardless, we request that all repairman services work with overview organizations like eKomi to improve the number of surveys.  Online contribution from existing purchasers is one of the imperative components of a thriving business and is particularly crucial to propel advancement with clients’ tendencies. Appraisals moreover sway the client’s choice of business for purchase and can be the differentiation between whether a company stays afloat or not

eKomi is offering free consultations to confer with prospective clients on the most capable strategy to assemble more positive reviews on the web and to make more regular customer traffic both on and off the web. eKomi works with the improvement of brands with regard to electronic media, and also by using the company to coordinate investigations on clients’ various preferences.

We will lead another assessment in the accompanying three months and anticipate that mechanic services in India should provide better positive outcomes. Check out the blog to follow up on who will be the best assessed and the most assessed mechanic service in India.

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