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Aerospace Industry in Britain

The UK’s aerospace sector is a world leader in developing new technologies, generating well-paid jobs, and sustainable growth across the country. The sector is hugely important to the UK economy. For that reason, this article showcases some of the most popular players in the Aerospace industry in Britain.

eKomi’s Review of Aerospace Companies in Britain

The aerospace industry is engaged in designing, constructing, studying, developing, selling, and preserving aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and their different parts and types. It is also concerned with critical flight-vehicle subsystems such as avionics, propulsion, and important backing systems essential to the manufacture and maintenance of flight vehicles. The industry is also engaged in manufacturing non-aerospace products that use aerospace technology. 

Aerospace is a high technology industry and, as such, is a ripe market that benefits from the ratings and reviews that contribute to its online presence. eKomi strongly recognizes the significance of ratings and reviews to business growth and so, using Google Maps, we surveyed and compiled a list of the most reviewed Aerospace companies in Britain.

Most reviewed Aerospace Companies in Britain

Name of Aerospace Company 

Number of Reviews 

Airbus UK East Factory 270
Airbus Defence and Space 155
Safran Landing Systems UK (Ex Messier Dowty) 135
MBDA Systems 133
Martin-Baker Aircraft Company 102
Airbus Operations UK Ltd 92
Meggitt 80
Aircraft Restoration Company 47
Gardner Aerospace 46
Pattonair (Head Office) 26

Airbus UK East Factory is at the top of the list with 270 reviews that show that the staff is friendly and easy to work with. It is followed by Airbus Defense and Space with 155 reviews, most notably about the facility’s restricted access to the public and it’s excellent staff. Safran Landing Systems UK (Ex Messier Dowty) is third on the list, with 135 reviews, primarily for its amazing work environment.

With 46 and 26 reviews each, Gardner Aerospace and Pattonair are at the bottom of our list, but their reviews give a picture of cleanliness and professionalism. At eKomi, we believe that reviews and ratings are essential to a business’s growth. Because of this, we curated a list of the top ten highest-rated Aerospace Companies in Britain.

Highest Rated Aerospace Companies in Britain

Name of Aerospace Company


Vertical Aerospace Group Ltd. 4.9
Avia Technique Ltd 4.9
AE Aerospace Ltd 4.8
Aircraft Restoration Company 4.7
Gardner Aerospace 4.6
Airbus Operations UK Ltd 4.6
Airbus Defence and Space 4.5
Pattonair (Head Office) 4.5
Airbus UK East Factory 4.4
Safran Landing Systems UK (Ex Messier Dowty) 4.4

With a rating of 4.9 each, Vertical Aerospace Group Ltd. and Avia Technique Ltd. are at the top of our list. However, Vertical Aerospace Group Ltd. only had a few reviews, most of which were based on their capabilities as employers and not on their customer service. Avia Technique Ltd. however, was hailed as an excellent place to purchase aeronautical parts. AE Aerospace Ltd was third on the list with a rating of 4.8, which is further justified by comments acknowledging their capabilities. This is a great indicator that these companies understand the need for reviews and ratings in their business development.

Airbus UK East Factory and Safran Landing Systems UK come in last on our list with ratings of 4.4 each, although their ratings are accompanied by great reviews on different aspects of their businesses, from facilities to products manufactured.

eKomi salutes the owners of the top three Aerospace companies in the two categories and urges all their competitors in the industry to amp up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with a team of professionals to develop reliable, organic reviews. The eKomi team presents all aerospace companies with an offer to assess customer satisfaction which includes a free consultation that helps to discern the company’s level of growth, and heighten its sales expansion and online traffic.

Be sure to follow up on eKomi’s blog in three months to check out our appraisal on which aerospace companies will be the best and most rated in Britain.

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