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Leading Office Cleaning companies in Cape Town, South Africa 

The COVID-19 epidemic brought the cleaning sector into the spotlight. We all have a greater awareness of the importance of clean environments, and we now more than ever demand the highest standards of hygienic conditions. Multiple businesses are competing to be named Mother City’s best cleaning company, and the competition is fierce whether be it for domestic, commercial, or industrial cleaning.

Given the expanding significance of the cleaning sector in contemporary society, this StarInsights report aims to assist consumers in sorting through the noise and bringing the top cleaning businesses Cape Town has to offer. 

Without further ado, here are the top ten office cleaning services in Cape Town to help you maintain an office gleaming appearance based on customer reviews and ratings obtained from Google Maps.

Cleaning companies in Cape Town – an Overview

When discussing issues like workplace culture or productivity, office cleanliness is not frequently brought up. However, it contributes in a very subtle but significant way to the improvement of working conditions. To be effective, an office or commercial space must be clean. It’s not just repelling to enter a messy office, coffee shop, or retail establishment. It’s discouraging!

Having said that, hiring a trustworthy office cleaning service or commercial space cleaning provider can be very advantageous for a company. It keeps workers on task and conserves resources because you won’t need to hire someone to do business cleaning in-house.

Fortunately, Cape Town has plenty of top-notch commercial and office cleaning companies to meet clients’ basic and deep cleaning needs. With that in mind, selecting the best service provider is a challenging task, as questions like reliability, consistency, and integrity have to be considered.

Consequently, online reviews and ratings are the sure way to answer questions of reliability, consistency, and integrity. A good cleaning business will have devoted clients who have continued to use its services for many years, possibly even decades.

On the part of the cleaning service providers, more sales would mean the result of increased trust, customer loyalty, and brand advocacy. With a solid reputation, a business can also charge more for services without scaring away potential customers who value and want the brand.

Top-rated office cleaning companies in Cape Town

Office cleaning agency


Number of Reviews

Smartcare Cleaning Services 5.0 18
Group 1 Cleaning Services 4.9 51
KleanCo Cleaning Services 4.9 29
Kleen Up – Deep Cleaning Specialists 4.9 23
Pristine Clean Deep Cleaning Services 4.8 66
AfricaWorks Cape Town @ CBD 4.8 64
Essential Cleaning Services 4.6 38
Domestic Cleaning Services 4.6 22
weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions 4.6 16
Imperial Cleaning Services 4.3 67

Most reviewed office cleaning companies in Cape Town

Office cleaning agency

Number of Reviews


Imperial Cleaning Services 67 4.3
Pristine Clean Deep Cleaning Services 66 4.8
AfricaWorks Cape Town @ CBD 64 4.8
Group 1 Cleaning Services 51 4.9
Essential Cleaning Services 38 4.6
KleanCo Cleaning Services 29 4.9
Kleen Up – Deep Cleaning Specialists 23 4.9
Domestic Cleaning Services 22 4.6
Smartcare Cleaning Services 18 5.0
weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions 16 4.6

Data was gathered for this study from the official Google My Business Ratings as of September 6, 2022. The top-rated office cleaning service is Smartcare Cleaning Services, with a perfect five-star rating. Followed by Group 1 Cleaning Services, KleanCo Cleaning Services, and Kleen Up – Deep tied in second place on the list with all three agencies rated 4.9stars. This is undoubtedly a job well done in a sector where competition is likely currently on the rise.

In terms of reviews, with 67 reviews, Imperial Cleaning Services has performed admirably in terms of customer satisfaction. Closely followed by Pristine Clean Deep Cleaning Services with 66 reviews, this appears to be incredibly remarkable, while AfricaWorks Cape Town @ CBD follows with 64 reviews, and far too away from the most reviewed agency.

Congratulations to the CEO’s and teams of the listed agencies in both categories for their excellent services and urge all competitors in the industry to up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce reviews that are organic and credible.

We will lead one more evaluation in the following three months and expect office cleaning services providers in Cape Town to present better outcomes. Set notifications for the eKomi blog to study, which will be the best appraised and the most evaluated transmission shop in Nigeria.

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