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Emergency Clinic


Today’s StarInsights report shows the relevance of one of the most important aspects of city life. The emergency department in hospitals are not just a part of the hospital; they are a bulwark of strength for any thriving city. 

Industry Overview

Emergency clinics are an integral part of any modern city. It is that one part of the hospital system that barely ever gets sleep. The department is active at every stroke of the minute to attend to the urgent needs of accident victims. When they are not treating major accidents, these clinics battle to keep the people who may have slumped while doing what they would have done normally without health complications.

These clinics remain the backbone of society’s daily operation. However, several people are not aware of their capacity, either as a result of misinformation or ignorance. This is why reviews of their services are necessary. Reviews reveal the true capacity of a clinic to attend to a need when it is called upon to do so. Honest reviews carry the truth behind the service offered to a customer.

Reviews should mirror the quality of service rendered when it was rendered and the promptness of its rendering. These reviews do not only show the hospital services, they are a critical analysis of the doctors and their attitude to work. Where reviews are positive, medical practitioners in the ER feel appreciated. Where the reviews are negative, the doctors take it as a constructive opinion for them to grow upon.

eKomi’s best-rated 24-hour emergency clinics in Germany

Emergency Clinics



St. Vincentius-Kliniken AG Emergency Room 5.0 1
Berufsgenossenschaftliche Kliniken Bergmannstrost-Emergency Room 5.0 1
St. Hedwig Hospital Emergency Room 4.3 23
Central Clinic Bad Berka 4.2 158
DRK-Krankenhaus Clementinenhaus 4.1 253
Waldkliniken Eisenberg 4.1 142
Hospital Martha-Maria Halle-Dölau 4.0 133
Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Kassel 3.7 267
Red Cross Children’s Hospital Siegen GmbH 3.7 247
Diakonie Kliniken Kassel / Deaconess Hospital 3.7 150

eKomi’s most rated 24-hour emergency clinics in Germany

Emergency Clinics



Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin 684 3.2
Uniklinik RWTH Aachen 488 3.0
Nuremberg Hospital North, North Hospital 463 3.1
Helios Klinikum Erfurt GmbH 424 3.3
Sana Klinikum Hameln-Pyrmont 351 2.4
Asklepios Klinik Langen 300 2.7
Evangelical Hospital Bethel (EvKB) – House Gilead I 268 3.0
Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Kassel 267 3.7
DRK-Krankenhaus Clementinenhaus 253 4.1
Red Cross Children’s Hospital Siegen GmbH 247 3.7

The best-rated 24-hour emergency clinics in this report have had massive successes in their sector as the figures show. Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin leads the board with a 3.2-rating from 684 reviews, Uniklinik RWTH Aachen comes next on the list with 488 reviews and 3.0-ratings while Nuremberg Hospital North, North Hospital completes the top 3 emergency service clinic list with 3.1-ratings from 463 reviews.

The success of these clinics is however predicated on the management in charge. In every setting such as the clinic, there is a CEO who oversees the efficient delivery of services. These 3 clinics have over time gained acceptance among their customer base as a result of the ingenious system set in place by the management.  These CEOs have ensured the continual delivery of premium healthcare services to anyone who walks in through their doors. 

As a result, there have been profound reviews of the services they provide to their visitors per time. The clinics have effectively handled extreme cases of accidents that would have been uncontrollable. This is possible owing to a great paramedic system en route the ER and a collection of expert doctors in the ER who would go to any length to see their clients stay alive and healthy.

You can also top these charts by getting reviews for your business! eKomi can guarantee you well-drafted reviews for your business. This will help improve your marketability. Patients tend to trust places with better reviews. In fact, they see a clinic with more reviews first before any other clinic with fewer reviews. You can reach out to eKomi for a free consultation on how to increase the reviews of your business.

However, there is one thing you need to know. This list is not permanent and will be updated in three months. This is because emergency clinics would improve their service delivery over time. As a result, they have more reviews. This is why you must also provide premium customer satisfaction after getting reviews for your business. Who knows? You could be leading the clinics in rating in the next 3 months! Be sure to look out for it.

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