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Law and legal matters remain an integral part of the running mechanism of any country, including the Netherlands. As it were, several law firms specialize in attending to legal administrative matters on behalf of the state. This StarInsights report looks to examine the quality of legal responsibilities as performed by these firms and how they have been well accepted in society as mirrored through reviews.

Legal affairs bureaus are responsible for administrative matters such as family register, nationality, registration of marriage, and other matters of litigation that directly or indirectly affect the state. For instance, the purchase of a real estate property will mandate the transfer of title to the purchaser. Upon the death of the purchaser, the title is to transfer to a person who is named in the purchaser’s will. 

The oversight functions of the Bureau are however not restricted to domestic matters alone. They are wide-ended as they deal with numerous matters that concern citizens, especially and including human rights matters. The Legal Affairs Bureau must see to the entrenchment of the fundamental human right as stated under the UN Charter and as adopted indigenously.

The efforts of the Bureau are appreciated by most people who have frequented them. However, there is limited knowledge of the specialities that the Bureau offers. This owes it to limited numbers of reviews online about these legal services. Reviews of these services encourage others to utilize these services to their advantage, as it is readily available and can be accessed per time.

eKomi’s best-rated Legal Affairs Bureau in Netherlands

Legal Affairs Bureau Website Ratings  Reviews 
Anti Incasso 5.0 22
Young Law http://www.youngla 5.0 14
Dutch Law Institute 5.0 6
The Legal Company BV 5.0 2
Letselschadebureau Kloppenburg in Haarlem 5.0 1
Bureau van de Order Midden-Nederland https://advocatenorde-middennederland 5.0 1
Juridisch Bureau Letselschade & Gezondheidsrecht Amsterdam http://juridicalbureauletselschade 4.9 60
ICTRecht | Juridisch adviesbureau 4.8 6
RPS Legal BV 4.6 21
Rechtswinkel Amsterdam 4.5 44


eKomi’s most-rated Legal Affairs Bureau in Netherlands

Legal Affairs Bureau Website Reviews Ratings
The Legal Counter 167 3.9
Juridisch Bureau Letselschade & Gezondheidsrecht Amsterdam http://juridicalbureauletselschade 60 4.9
Rechtswinkel Amsterdam 44 4.5
Anti Incasso 22 5.0
RPS Legal BV 21 4.6
Young Law http://www.youngla 14 5.0
ICTRecht | Juridisch adviesbureau 6 4.8
The Legal Company BV 2 5.0
Letselschadebureau Kloppenburg in Haarlem 1 5.0
Bureau van de Order Midden-Nederland https://advocatenorde-middennederland 5.0 1

Kudos to the best-rated Bureaus who have succeeded in securing legal rights for their clients so far. The Legal Counter leads with 167 reviews and a 3.9-star rating. Up next is Juridisch Bureau Letselschade & Gezondheidsrecht Amsterdam with 60 reviews and a 4.9-star rating. The third on the list of the top three is Rechtswinkel Amsterdam with a 4.5-star rating from 44 reviews. These firms have excelled greatly in the legal art of ensuring the strength of their client’s claims.

The CEOs of the best-rated bureaus should be recognized for their dedication to ensuring that high-quality services are provided. Their astute knowledge of the legal field combined with an informed awareness of the ever-changing market needs has made them create a far-reaching solution to the insatiable desires of their clientele. They have been readily available to see that all clients’ rights are treated as foremost and important to the firm.

As a manager in charge of a Bureau, you can also share positions with the top players in this field. You can also top the tables by leveraging eKomi’s reviews system. This structure allows you to get enough reviews that will tell of the amazing capacities of your Bureau to protect and enforce the rights and privileges of your customer base. As long as you can assure a prospect via good reviews, you can be assured of an endless line of clientèle.

This list is reviewed every three months, hence you have a chance to get on the charts as soon as you can. Before the revision of the charts, Bureaus get different reviews from a number of clients during the three-month-long period. The reviews from this period determine the Bureau’s ranking on the table. So, while you make great plans for a good client experience, you can even get more clients with great reviews!

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