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Small Claims


Civil law draws significantly on the principles of claims and compensation to placate an aggrieved party. This StarInsights review will analyse the role that small claim assistance services play in the recovery of collections of these claims as put forward by an affected party in Canada. In addition, it will also emphasize the need for reviews to build and expand the small claims’ assistance service.

Industry Overview

This service is mostly responsible for the collection of claims in instances such as employment claims where an employee gets fired without notice or is abused in the line of business. Also, these services cover other areas such as the collection of alimony upon the divorce in a marriage union. While this collection can be done without legal representation, it is advised that an attorney is present.

The presence of an attorney is instituted to reduce the confusion that may set in on a novice at law. There are usually complicated legal processes surrounding bringing forward a case and defending it in the court, hence the need to have legal representation. This reduces the pressure which could come with staying in a courtroom without ample knowledge of the legal process involved in the collection of claims.

Generally, the small claim collection service can be assessed by more people if they were aware of the providers of the service.  This is why reviews are necessary to grow awareness about the possibility of receiving compensation where a party has been aggrieved, either at a workplace or in a divorce. Reviews will also show the firms available to take up this service and the quality of service they run at that time.

eKomi’s Best-rated Small Claims Assistance Service in Canada

Small Claims Assistance Service



Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA) 5.0 2
Provincial Court of British Columbia 5.0 1
Small Business BC 4.8 72
Community Legal Assistance Sarnia 4.7 19
Yukon Courts 4.5 2
Yukon Courts 4.5 2
Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association 4.4 151
Supreme Court of Canada 4.4 127
Legal Information Society Of NS 4.1 20
B C Supreme Court 4.0 2

eKomi’s most-rated Small Claims Assistance Service in Canada

Small Claims Assistance Service



Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association 151 4.4
Supreme Court of Canada 127 4.4
Small Business BC 72 4.8
Legal Information Society Of NS 20 4.1
Community Legal Assistance Sarnia 19 4.7
Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA) 2 5.0
Yukon Courts 2 4.5
Yukon Courts 2 4.5
B C Supreme Court 2 4.0
Provincial Court of British Columbia 1 5.0

The best-rated small claims assistance services deserve to be congratulated for their exemplary role in helping people lay claim to their civil privileges in the form of small claims. Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association comes first with 151 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. Next is Supreme Court of Canada with a 4.4-star rating from 127 reviews. Lastly and third is Small Business BC with 72 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. 

The CEOs of these service providers have been exemplary in the provision of a necessary service in today’s society where the adversarial system of law is used less. They have managed the increasing civil needs and carved out lasting solutions via the understanding of market needs and the institution of new and innovative ways to meet these needs.

Your small claim assistance can also increase its clients base by leveraging eKomi review structure. The system delivers top-quality reviews that show the standard of services that you offer to people who need to get small claim assistance. This allows you to come out on top of search results when people search keywords such as, “small claims assistance service around me.

This StarInsights report will be reviewed in three months to mirror the minds of the market who have used legal services to collect small claims. Where there are more positive reviews about a firm, it ranks higher on the table. As such, you would not only need many reviews that show the service that you offer, but you would also need to deliver high-quality consultancy and collection service to win the trust of your customer base.

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