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Real Estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria

Why did a recent article urge young African entrepreneurs to relocate to Lagos? Because it is West Africa’s economic nerve centre and the continent’s fastest-growing city. 

Without a doubt, there are many reasons why most people like to stay in Lagos. Also, there are dozens of real estate firms and tens of thousands of real estate agents in Nigeria. Whether you’re planning to move or looking to buy property in Lagos, you should, however, engage with a reputable agent with a good track record. 

Mostly, all times are good times to buy properties, depending on which type is desired. But, several people complain about how tough it is to locate reputable and trustworthy real estate companies. Therefore, in this StarInsights report, we’ve selected some of Lagos’s reputable real estate businesses. We examined customer feedback based on Google My Business Ratings on user reviews and ratings.

Real Estate Overview

Basically, a real estate or property company buys, sells, and rents properties; they also run, own and manage real estate. In this day and age, real estate is deemed to be one of the great productive, and prospering industries. 

Real estate is an important industry in Nigeria. It is one of the industries in the country that has a lengthy history. Over the years, the venture has blossomed into a gold mine, and many savvy businesses have dabbled in it, making a lot of money.

Budget and location are obviously crucial when looking for a place to rent, but so is the reputation of the real estate agency. Online reviews are significant because they allow clients to make an informed judgement about the kind of service they may anticipate. Good ratings may make or break an agency or individual’s ability to get the best outcome. 

With enough reviews, real estate companies will get an overall rating. On average, consumers are looking for 50+ reviews to determine if the overall rating is authentic. On the other end of the spectrum, people are easily swayed by negative feedback. Specifically, over 90% of consumers said a negative review convinced them to avoid that business. That said, let’s delve into the statistics.

Most reviewed Real Estate companies in Lagos

Real Estate

Number of Reviews

Brit Property Nigeria Ltd 94
Knight Frank 64
Adron Homes & Properties Ltd 63
Fine and Country International W.A 54
Zylus Group International 29
KGL Realty Pro 20
Petik Limited 13
Bevel Realtors 10
Digicon Realtors Limited 8

Brit Property Nigeria Ltd are the most reviewed real estate in Lagos with 94 reviews. Followed by Knight Frank with 64 reviews in second place, while Adron Homes follows closely in third with 63 reviews. This shows that these businesses understand the importance of reviews. The real estate companies at the bottom like Petik Limited, Bevel Realtors, and Digicon Realtors Limited need to crucially understand the value of reviews.

Ratings are also quite significant to a business’s importance, and in the long run, they boost customer satisfaction and sales. eKomi understands the importance of ratings and so, we completed the StarInsights assessment by putting together a list of the top ten highest-rated real estate companies in Lagos.

Top-rated Real Estate companies in Lagos

Real Estate


KGL Realty Pro 5.0
Petik Limited 5.0
Brit Property Nigeria Ltd 4.8
Bevel Realtors 4.5
Zylus Group International, Lagos 4.4
Knight Frank 4.3
Fine and Country International W.A 4.2
Digicon Realtors Limited 4.1
Adron Homes & Properties Ltd 4.0

Tied on top of the list with a rating of 5.0 stars, the most rated real estate companies are KGL Realty Pro and Petik Limited. The difference between these two services is in the number of reviews, 20 and 30 respectively. The results of the top-rated companies are substandard because having a good rating without numerous reviews is not a desirable feature.

eKomi compliments the owners of the top real estate companies in both categories for their excellent services and urges all their competitors in the industry to up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce reviews that are organic and credible. The eKomi team presents all real estate agencies in Lagos with an offer to assess customer satisfaction, and this includes a free consultation to discern the business’s level of growth and to heighten its sales development and online search traffic.

Conclusion Real Estate Company

Reputation management is key to a real estate company’s success, while reviews are a sure way for the client to select an agency. Be sure to check out eKomi’s blog in three months to read our follow-up assessment on which REAL ESTATE company will be the best and most rated in Lagos.

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