Ten Tips for Choosing a Telecommunications Company Based on Customer Feedback

In an era of ever-present technological evolution, consumers are constantly exploring new and improved ways to connect. Telecommunications companies are equally as aware of this changing landscape and are doing their best to evolve along with the times. As you search for the best telecommunications company to meet your needs, whether it be for home or business, we have compiled 10 tips to narrow your search based on feedback from customers like you.

1. Define Which Options Are Important To You

Before beginning the search, it is important to take note of which options and features are most important to you. How many phone or internet lines do you need? How quickly and efficiently would you desire support for a malfunction or glitch? What speed do you truly need your internet to be? Whether for personal use or for a business operation, clarifying your objectives will help to make your search much easier.

2. Location, Location, Location

The most important feature, naturally, is availability. It’s no use researching a plethora of companies if a majority of them don’t service your area. Individual providers’ websites will each provide details on their packages and service locations so you can make a thorough comparison for yourself, based on your needs.

3. Check The Reviews

One of the best resources for gauging customer experience is to hear from customers themselves. Before opening the floodgates of individual customer reviews, a perfect place to start is by utilizing online seller ratings. Seller ratings are extensions found on Google that shows a business or product’s average star rating and reviews alongside its ads, based on data collected from customer reviews.

For example, a simple google search of “TelevisionFanatic” will reveal a sponsored link to TelevisionFanatic.com’s website, with its seller rating directly below. Be sure to look for ratings you can trust, however, as there has been an upswing of paid and incentivized reviews among service providers. Many brands have been known to provide discounts and/or free product in exchange for positive reviews, thereby delegitimizing them and forcing consumers to be more discerning. Telecommunications companies like TelevisionFanatic, managed by eKomi, have implemented a Customer Feedback Management system tho moderate every review they receive. This ensures that all reviews are authentic and legally and third-party compliant.

4. Talk to a Human

The best gauge for measuring any customer service and feedback exchange is to speak to a representative directly. Speaking to a representative can lead to more clear and concise information regarding any discounts, promotions or introductory offers that are currently available.

5. Negotiate

A Consumer Reports survey found that perspective customers are consistently unsatisfied with “bundles” of phone, internet and cable services presented by telecommunication providers. There may be room to negotiate outside of these bundles, so prepare for your call with a list of questions and bargaining tactics to utilize. Among customers who attempted to negotiate a better deal, Consumer Reports found that 40% received a new promotional rate, 16% received extra channels, and 12% got faster internet speeds.

6. Customization is Key

How flexible can your provider be with your services? It is worth your time to research newer tech companies like Sling who have begun to offer a la carte options for consumption and services. It is absolutely valid and recommended to ask a representative on your initial call if there are options to customize your services to fit your needs.

7. Network Reliability

Thinking ahead about potential service issues is a very important factor when choosing a provider. If you are purchasing for your business, how many customers or dollars would you lose during a service outage? Larger companies like Verizon have expanded their customer service channels to include Facebook, Twitter, and special online community forums to diversify the support experience.

8. Cost and profitability

Will improvements in your connectivity and communication services ultimately pay off? It is important to analyze and project how you would benefit financially from a telecommunications switch. If your connections are for personal use, calculate a range of rates that will work with your budget. If you are shopping for your business, factor in hypothetical improvements in profit. Will you be able to collect more clients and confirm more orders with better connectivity? Both of these techniques will be invaluable when negotiating with a customer service representative.

9. Quality over Quantity

While providers may entice with offers to save you more in the beginning, be sure to think ahead before signing on. If the quality of their service is not on par with your needs, there is potential to lose more money in the long run.

10. Take Your Time

It is supremely tempting to choose the first provider you find, but taking the time to do adequate research and legwork will only benefit you in the end. A little extra effort will help you rest assured that you will find the best connection for the best cost.

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