The Top Reclamation Centres in Canada

The Top Reclamation Centre in Canada

The Top Reclamation Centres in Canada

Reclamation centres are one of those places people hardly ever talk about, yet their impact on the surrounding environment is so profound. As such, today’s StarInsights report aims to analyse the performance of the top reclamation centres in Canada. While the report aims to mirror the importance of reviews to the growth and effectiveness of these centres. It also shows how well these centres have been able to create a viable and healthy environment through the inestimable services they offer to the municipalities they are located in.  

An Industry Overview 

A reclamation centre is a store that collects bad, damaged, outdated, or broken products and repairs them for reuse. These stores are like banks for money. They collect unwanted products from stores and then rebrand them to be stronger and reusable. These products get sold eventually to ready buyers at prices that are usually discounted, especially when the products are just repaired, not upgraded with new or advanced materials.

Every municipality contains families, offices, and even industries. However, while these segments of the society contribute to the productivity of the municipality, they do so at a particular cost. Homes, companies, and office spaces consume plastic, furniture, and electricity. Water, wood and plastic have proved to be a resource that can be used multiple times. This is where reclamation centres play their roles.

The pivotal roles that these centres play include improving the economy of the municipality, reducing waste in the environment, and making expensive products available at less costly prices. However, their importance is still widely unrecognized, majorly due to the lack of reviews about their services. Reviews are necessary to show the performance of an organization per time.

eKomi’s Best-rated Reclamation Centres in the Canada

Reclamation Centre Ratings  Reviews 
Historic Lumber 5.0 26
Salvage Solutions Ltd. 5.0 3
Timbercraft co. 5.0 3
Plateau Reclamation Ltd 5.0 2
Reclaim Vintage 4.8 65
The Art of Demolition 4.8 44
Artefacts Salvage & Design 4.8 31
Century Wood Products 4.8 10
Home Re-use-ables Ltd 4.7 138
Western Reclaimed Timber 4.6 24

eKomi’s Most-rated Reclamation Centres in the Canada

Reclamation Centre Reviews  Ratings 
Home Re-use-ables Ltd 138 4.7
Canada Iron And Metal 105 4.3
Architectural Clearinghouse 81 4.3
Legacy Vintage Building Materials 73 4.7
Reclaim Vintage 65 4.8
The Art of Demolition 44 4.8
Kingston Area Recycling Centre 42 3.9
Artefacts Salvage & Design 31 4.8
Historic Lumber 26 5.0
Western Reclaimed Timber 24 4.6

The best-rated reclamation centres deserve accolades for a job well done. They have led their industry in seeing that old goods turn out to be much more useful. Home Re-use-ables Ltd leads the board with 138 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. Canada Iron And Metal came up second on the list with a 4.3-star rating from 105 reviews. The last centre on the best-rated list is Architectural Clearinghouse which had 81 reviews and a 4.3-star rating.

The managers of these top three centres have made giant strides in the refurbishing business. Kudos to them as they have created a system that allows people who can’t afford high-cost items to get them at a much lower cost. These centres have also pushed the frontier of the recycling business. All three centres have used the best means possible to reduce costs in recycling wood, plastic and other products. These, by implication, help to reduce the carbon deposits from burning materials.

Wrapping Up

Any reclamation centre can also gain as much recognition as these companies have over time. They can do so by leveraging eKomi’s review system, allowing companies to gain real-time reviews on their services. Ultimately, this will help reclamation centres to gain more visibility and, as a result, increase profit ratio, and improve service delivery as a result of the desire to serve a larger audience.


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