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An overview into the best Courier Companies in South Africa (SA)

Looking for the best and most reliable courier services companies in SA today? 

South Africa has a number of courier options available, each offering various courier service options. From same-day or express deliveries all the way to overnight to next-day deliveries and even international. There are plenty of options you will need to consider when selecting a courier service.  

One of the best ways to ensure that you make the right choice is to have a better understanding of how couriers work, in general. This Insights report examines the top Courier services in SA based on publicly released results from Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated system of ratings and reviews. The aim is to explore courier companies that are worth doing business with if they are reputable, reliable, and trustworthy.  

Industry review of the best Courier Companies in South Africa (SA)

Courier Services Companies are involved in the process of delivering goods to buyers in various locations in the country. These companies make the process of buying-and-selling goods very easy.

Often people confuse couriers with ordinary mail services like the Postal Service. Basically, the difference is in the services and features courier services offer, like quick delivery times, security, tracking, signatures, specialization, and individualization of express services.

Nowadays, local and foreign enterprises operating in SA and the region are always experiencing a boom in business. All of these situations would not exist in SA, if there were no flexible and dependable courier service providers there.

In light of this, the need for courier services has increased each year. Companies from various sectors are hugely relying on courier services for the daily running of their businesses. However, complaints have become the order of the day, with an increased number of customers being disgruntled.

Although courier companies are assisting other companies in growing and doing business, it is impossible to get everything perfect, which is why there is a high level of dissatisfaction, as shown by customer evaluations and ratings.

Couriers face many obstacles that may even end up the company going bankrupt because of circumstances like broken goods, cancelled orders, criminal fees, or failure to deliver.

The only way courier services can improve is by addressing all customer complaints. There needs to be a system in place to collect reviews from customers. It is with no doubt, that the key to improving any business operations is surely sitting online right now.

Collecting both good and bad reviews can be a starting point, by involving the customers a courier company can improve its online reputation and online presence. An action plan can be put in place to address complaints, help build trust, and maintain a good reputation to do more business.

Our StarInsights Report is purely based on official Google ratings and reviews as of 15 September 2022. For analysis purposes, we have picked HQs of the courier services in SA. It is, however, important to note that some top-performing courier branches for each brand exist in most provinces and some are highly rated. That said, let’s delve into the statistics.

Top-rated Courier Companies in South Africa

Courier Company


Door 2 Door  4.9
Pargo 4.8
Aerospeed Couriers 4.7
Astom Courier 4.6
Kargo Logistics 4.5
Johnsano Courier Services 4.5
MDS Collivery 4.0
SendR 4.0
City Logistics 3.9
Globeflight 3.8
Paxi 3.8
DHL 3.7
The Courier Guy  3.2
Dawn Wing 2.7
Fastway  2.3
The Courier Company 2.1
Courierit 2.0
Postnet 1.9

Most reviewed Courier companies in SA

Courier Company

Number of Reviews

Pargo 28 702
The Courier Guy  1764
Fastway  597
Dawn Wing 334
DHL 159
Door 2 Door  137
Courierit 107
MDS Collivery 80
Globeflight 79
Paxi 72
Aerospeed Couriers 65
City Logistics 59
SendR 26
Postnet 29
Kargo Logistics 23

As the data in the chart above shows, businesses that have higher ratings in online search results are more likely to be viewed. In comparison to courier services in SA, Door 2 Door is the leading, most rated company with an amazing 4.9-star rating. The second most rated is Pargo with 4.8 stars, followed by Aerospeed Couriers rated 4.7 stars.

In terms of the top reviewed courier companies, Pargo tops the list with a large margin and has received a stunning 28 702 reviews. The Courier Guy sits on the second most reviewed with 1105 reviews, followed by FastWay with 818 reviews obtained.

A common issue with the gathered reviews and ratings for courier services SA is horrifying; companies find it hard to collect reviews since 65% of the reviews are negative; customers complain massively about late deliveries, poor service, etc. Quite logically, disgruntled people are much more inclined to share their negative experiences than the ones for whom the service worked just fine.

There aren’t many positive appraisals about the industry as a whole. For instance, the data displayed indicate that the average star rating for courier services is three stars. Even though some couriers have excelled in terms of delivery, dependability, cost, and other areas, many are regarded as being almost annoying.

We, therefore, urge all the competitors in the courier and delivery industry to up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce reviews that are organic and credible.

Request a free consultation to discern the business’s level of growth and heighten its sales development and online search traffic. In three months, please check out eKomi’s blog to read our follow-up assessment on which Courier company in SA will be the best rated and most reviewed!

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