Top Real Estate Companies in India 

Top Real Estate Companies in India  (1)

Top Real Estate Companies in India 

We all know what it means to own something, whether it is as small as a pebble or as big as a house. When you own something, you decide what to do with it. You decide whether and when to sell it, renovate it, or simply dispose of it. You can make money from something you own, and today we are going to look at this in terms of real estate businesses.

Investments in real estate done right 

When we talk about real estate, we are talking about real property, whether it’ is buildings, schools, houses or just land, whether it is natural or man-made. Basically, we are talking about space or land that has either been improved/ cultivated or left in the form of property. Owning land or property is something we have done for generations. In fact, the earth itself is 29% land, the other 71% is water.

The real estate industry is one of the largest industries in the market, measured by revenue of $222.2 billion in 2023, according to IBISWORLD . Some of the best companies in this industry are based in India. It follows therefore that, this industry is highly competitive, relying on many factors ranging from property prices, market situation, selling ability, and even persistence.

With over 82 000 real estate companies, selecting and finding the best company that suits your needs will be a task in itself. However, with the help of ratings and reviews, you can better understand how well these companies work. As such, it is easy to trust something if it looks appealing to the eye or sounds pleasant to the ears, but once you start looking into it, you will begin to understand what each company has to offer. Below is eKomi’s review of the top real estate companies in India,  based on the feedback received from their clients.

Top-rated real estate companies 

Companies Ratings  Reviews 
All Warehouses 5,0 361
Channel Connect 4,9 30
Sunil Agrawal and Associates 4,8 74
SRE INDIA 4,8 20
aapki property ( top real estate Agent in Bhilai Durg ) 4,7 18
Pahani – Real Estate Company in Hyderabad 4,7 47
OwnerAndTenant 4,6 127 4,6 99
Justo RealFinTech Pvt. Ltd. 4,5 95
PropTiger Realty Pvt. Ltd 4,4 386

Top-reviewed real estate companies 

Companies Reviews Ratings
Indiabulls Real Estate 524 4,1
Kanakia Spaces Realty Pvt. Ltd 418 4,1
PropTiger Realty Pvt. Ltd 386 4,4
All Warehouses 361 5,0
Feroze’s Estate Agency 226 4,3 139 4,3
OwnerAndTenant 127 4,6 99 4,6
Search Homes India Private Limited – Real-estate Organization 95 4,0
Justo RealFinTech Pvt. Ltd. 95 4,5

As you can see from the table above, All Warehouses has a rating of 5.0 stars, making it the best company to work with. Followed by PropTiger Realty Pvt. Ltd with a stable of 4.9 stars, while Sunil Agrawal and Associates and SRE INDIA are tied for the third place, both with 4,8 stars. As for reviews, Indiabulls Real Estate has the most with 524, while Justo RealFinTech Pvt. Ltd and Search Homes India Private Limited – Real-estate Organization have the least reviews, i.e. 95. Consequently, ratings and reviews are crucial to decision-making.

Why choose eKomi

Undoubtedly, customer satisfaction helps a company grow and gain notoriety in the market so that it can reach different heights. Partnering with eKomi will not only be best for recognition but also lead to revenue increase. eKomi can help real estate agencies improve their reviews and ratings. By offering excellent ratings and achieving a high ranking on key search engines, eKomi has assisted countless companies from various sectors in increasing their bottom line.

In the end,

We can agree that ratings and reviews save us time as it becomes much easier to choose a real estate company that can be trusted in the future. All in all, reviews and ratings are the future and will continue to give you the best analysis when it comes to making the best decision.


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