Crème de la Crème of Tattoo Studios/Parlours in Cape Town | An eKomi StarInsights report

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Crème de la Crème of Tattoo Studios/Parlours in Cape Town CBD

Cape Town, with its renowned mountain ranges, breathtaking natural treasures, exhilarating landscapes, and seaside panoramas, has no shortage of experiences. And, fortunately for tattoo enthusiasts, getting a tattoo is an experience that Capetonians are well-versed in. 

In this StarInsights report, we’ve scoured Mother City (CBD only) to compile a list of the best in the business, based on the calibre of their work, quality of design, and the overall level of customer experience based on Google user reviews and ratings.

The Tattoo Industry Overview

As tattoos become more and more popular, it is quickly becoming a hallmark of fashion to wear your favourite designs on your sleeve (pun intended). There are loads of designs readily available, and you can always have your own designs tattooed.

Finding the right tattoo artist relies on more than just talent. An important phase in the decision to get a tattoo is choosing the right tattoo artist and studio. The lesson here is to do your damn research. It’s crucial to find the right tattoo artist before going under the needle.

Reviews are an excellent resource to turn to. The best tattoo studios will shine through their accomplishments. Knowing that others have taken the time to write about a studio is a great sign that you’re looking at a professional and solid business. Reviews, nonetheless, give a good idea of the overall experience that you can expect. For this reason, the report has done an examination of the best-rated and most-reviewed tattoo studios in Cape CBD. Here are the findings: 

Most reviewed tattoo Studios/Parlours in Cape Town CBD


Number of Reviews


Wildfire Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio 200 4.5
More than Hype – Tattoo Art Collective 180 4.8
Metal Machine Tattoo Studio 167 4.7
Betrue Ink Tattoo’s and body piercing studio 58 4.7
Bethaaink_Tattoo’s & Body Piercing studio 45 5.0
Sally Mustang Tattoos Cape Town 21 5.0
Mantra Tattoos 21 4.1

In terms of reviews, KAK LUCKY TATTOOS is the most reviewed with a stunning 209 reviews, followed closely by Wildfire Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio with 200 reviews and More than Hype – Tattoo Art Collective comes in third place with 108 reviews. These tattoo studios have made considerable progress in delivering a better experience for their customers. They put a strong emphasis on building meaningful relationships with their customers and reputability.

Online reviews for any business are no longer optional in terms of gaining and retaining customers and maintaining a strong and positive online presence. Ratings are also critical to the importance of a business and increase customer satisfaction and sales in the long run.

Top-rated tattoo Studios/Parlours in Cape Town CBD



Number of Reviews

Bethaaink_Tattoo’s & Body Piercing studio 5.0 45
Sally Mustang Tattoos Cape Town 5.0 21
More than Hype – Tattoo Art Collective 4.8 180
Metal Machine Tattoo Studio 4.7 167
Betrue Ink Tattoo’s and body piercing studio 4.7 58
Wildfire Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio 4.5 200
Mantra Tattoos 4.1 21

With a rating of 5.0 stars, Bethaaink_Tattoo’s & Body Piercing studio and Sally Mustang Tattoos Cape Town are tied on the top position as the highest rated studios in Cape Town CBD. Although their reviews may not be a lot to write home about, they show their understanding of the importance of ratings to a business venture.

This industry is highly competitive, and only the fittest can survive, as illustrated above. Therefore, it cannot go unnoticed that the other listed companies are doing exceptionally well, as they have been rated positively and made it to this analysis.

Congratulations to the proprietors of the highest tattoo parlours on each list for their exquisite services, and we urge all their competitors to up their game and attain an evaluate employer like eKomi. eKomi wants more businesses to know the correlation between online star ratings and sales. It has been revealed that customers have access to more resources and are more likely to locate a product that meets their specific needs. Therefore, the collection of reviews remains the best vehicle to rise to the top rank for any business. (book a free consultation)

Be sure to check out eKomi’s blog in three months to read our follow-up assessment on which tattoo studios will be the best and most rated in Cape Town.

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