What Customer Reviews Can Tell You about Cookware that Product Descriptions Can’t

Over the years, the growth in the housing market has paralleled an increased demand for smart kitchens and modern devices from new home buyers. This demand has led to an influx of online-only stores offering various kitchen appliances and cookware. Unfortunately, many of these manufacturers and retailers make use of grandiose language, tone, and style in their product descriptions to entice consumers. In some instances, they may exaggerate certain product features and specs to make the product more appealing. All of this is done in a bid to grab consumers’ attention and lure them to place orders. This is persuasive marketing at its finest. Unfortunately, you may not always receive the quality and impressive functionality you were promised.

With the advent of the social media networks and review websites, however,  things have seemingly taken a different turn. Consumers now have the upper hand via a powerful and effective review system. Product descriptions no longer reign supreme. The constant increase of online reviews has led to a shift in customers’ purchase behavior. Now, customers want to hear what other consumers have to say about a product before making a purchase decision. They rely on those reviews to highlight various aspects of the company, including products, services, and customer support engagements.

According to recent statistics, nine out ten consumers read online reviews, and 88 percent of them trust online reviews when considering making a purchase from business.  Increasingly, customer reviews mean the difference between success and failure. Companies that acknowledge this are bound to succeed where others fail. One such company is Everything Kitchens LLC— a home and commercial kitchen supply company with excellent customer service and rave reviews. They have implemented a feedback management system to help them monitor Everything Kitchens’ reviews and stay ahead of their customers’ feedback, both positive and negative.

Here is a highlight of what customer reviews can tell you about cookware that product descriptions can’t.

  1.    The Reputation of the Retailer or Manufacturer

Often, product descriptions do not go into too many details. They simply focus on features and benefits of the specific product with the intention of giving you an impression of quality. In some cases, the manufacturer may be mentioned only once. Conversely, customer reviews are typically comprehensive, addressing every topic from the manufacturer’s reputation, product wear and tear, warranties and malfunctions to customer service and cost. For example, this negative review on a Macy’s-made cooking pan addressed the product defects — “I bought this pan at Macy’s, but cracking eggs on the sides seems to make visible dents. Think twice before you buy this pan”.

This review already tells enough about the retailer and, perhaps worse, advises potential customers to steer clear of their business. Honestly, in no other marketplace should the term caveat emptor be used as widely as it does on the internet. The term means “let the buyer beware” or simply put “it’s your fault if you buy it and doesn’t work.” These kinds of reviews tell buyers much about brand reputation. Hence, consumers make informed decisions while buying a product.

  1.    The Shortcomings of a Product

This one is too obvious. “I bought the Orgreenic Flip Jack Pancake pan, but it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.” Most likely, we have all seen this kind of complaint from online reviews. We can’t be certain, but if we had to take a gamble at it, we might say there is a high probability that the product was listed with an inaccurate product description. An additional possibility may be that the staff is not well trained about the product they are selling. Either way, the consumer felt misled about their purchase and left a negative and potentially damaging review for future consumers.

  1.    Customer Engagement and Support

Customer reviews aren’t rocket science— they reveal a lot about a company’s quality, both for products and for their level of customer support. Most consumers feel it is unacceptable to wait for ages to receive comments or feedback from a company.  Thankfully, online reviews can prewarn potential customers of bad customer service. Most customers tend to be very unforgiving for companies who responded to questions or complaints inadequately. Often, you’ll see reviews like, “I keep getting shuffled from one person to the next,” or “I’ve been on hold for forever” complaints. These may be a solid indication of how much the retailer or the manufacturer prioritizes customer service. Also, it tells you if the staff is well-trained in customer service skills and if they’re willing to listen and resolve your case should you run into a similar issue. This is the kind of information you wouldn’t get in a product description.

  1.    Delivery Timeline

Most businesses guarantee a shipping time or provide an estimation. Sometimes, a promised 3-5 business days can turn into weeks or even months. We’ve all read these kinds of customer complaints online– “I ordered two T-Fal Fresh Express Shredders two months ago, but no deliveries made yet.” These complaints tell you everything you need to know about the company in question. Perhaps, the staff doesn’t have the accurate delivery data, or the company has poor delivery schedules. Maybe the retailer has little or no regard for customer service. Either way, consumers have been forewarned and most likely, will not be making a purchase.

The Bottom Line

In this era of modern, cut-throat business, negative online reviews are inevitable. Dissatisfaction can occur for a wide variety of reasons— some from irrational customers and others from the company’s own shortcomings. Whichever the case, responding to these complaints in a professional and prompt manner goes a long way in sending the message that your company values the customer first. Implementing a feedback management service is a sure way to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Perhaps, this is one thing that has sustained Everything Kitchens LLC in the business!

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