What does the eKomi Seal mean?

If you see the eKomi seal on an e-commerce or service provider’s website, it means that this company is collecting authentic customer feedback with eKomi. 

The eKomi Golden Seal means that the companies holding it are positively trusted by their customers. It means these companies have received a significant amount of positive reviews and high ratings from their clients.

Which companies receive the eKomi Seal?

We, at eKomi, do not judge businesses: customers do it. What we do is to aggregate the judgments of millions of customers and turn them into visible data for you and everyone else to follow easily and transparently. We give the voice of the crowds a channel to be expressed and heard online.

How does eKomi guarantee the authenticity of the reviews?

We collect only transaction-based customer reviews and ratings. It means, one only can leave a feedback via eKomi when a purchase/transaction was done. 

For this, we use specific surveys that you have probably received more than once yourself in your email or phone after buying an item or using a service.

We verify and process all that information with full transparency, so as to be sure there’s no personal data published. eKomi is GDPR Compliant. Your privacy is important to eKomi. Please find here our Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your information according to the applicable Data Protection laws. 

ekomi seals meaning

We award the eKomi Seal of Approval to the businesses that have received larger amounts of positive reviews and higher ratings in their industries.

For that reason, the eKomi Seal of Approval is the expression of people’s preference.

Now, when you find the eKomi Seal showcased alongside the logo of a brand, you will know what it means: That business is trusted by its customers.

Besides, if you want to find answers to any other questions derived from that one, you can open the eKomi Certificate Page (example below) of the company you want to inquire and explore all the individual customer ratings, reviews, and threads of responses, as well.

ekomi certificate page example

Who are we and what do we do for you?

eKomi takes care of collecting and managing  authentic customer reviews and ratings of companies around the world and sharing them online with you. We do this so that you can assess more easily who you can trust whenever you make a purchase or hire a service.

eKomi is an official Google Partner and Europe’s premiere and largest independent provider of customer feedback. With +250 employees, we’re headquartered in Berlin and Los Angeles, and count with offices in London, Paris, Madrid and San Francisco. Beginning in 2008, eKomi has enriched the web with +50M authentic customer reviews.

We believe our company helps to improve the communication quality of the e-commerce environment. And that’s our mission: to help you orient yourself in the e-commerce space by giving you grounds to make better informed decisions.

If you seek trust, follow the eKomi Seal.

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