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Top Bars & Pubs To Visit in Venice, Italy

Top Pubs and Bars in Venice, Italy

Top Pubs and Bars in Venice, Italy

Top Bars and Pubs in Venice, Italy

Who doesn’t love a bar or pub by the water? A drink at a pub in Venice is one of the simplest pleasures in life (but also one of the best). However, with so many options, choosing the best bar and pub can be difficult. As a result, this StarInsights report provides a comprehensive analysis of Venice’s most praised and reviewed bars and clubs. Most importantly, you get to pick and choose where you want to go on a single night out.

Market Overview

Nobody could possibly walk through Italy’s canals without admiring its architecture and art at every turn. As a geographically distinct and historically significant piece of land, it’s no surprise that the city has piqued the interest of tourists for many years. Speaking of Italy, the nightclub industry has a market size of about 15 billion dollars. This is not a shock, considering there are about 50,000 nightclubs in the country, promoting lavish nightlife for the country’s youth. Out of these, a large majority are located in Venice.

Additionally, tourists look for forms of entertainment such as bars and clubs for the night after a day of taking in the love aura of the city. Consequently, it might be a hefty task when it comes to determining where to head out on a night in Venice. Because who wouldn’t wish for the ambiance and music to resonate with them if you’re looking to party at night? So, without further ado, let’s get some insider statistics on the Venice pub and bar industry. By the end of this report, we hope you have found the perfect place to go on an average Friday night out.

Top-Rated Bars and/ or Pubs in Venice 

Bar and/ or Pub Rating Number of Reviews
Adagio 5.0 718
Bacareto da Lele 4.8 4521
Arcicchetti Bakaro 4.8 1032
Al Grill 4.8 833
Il Mercante 4.8 666
TiME Social Bar 4.8 446
Ai Do Leoni 4.8 358
Mezzopieno 4.8 160
Retro Wine Bar 4.8 125
Vinile 4.8 80

Most Reviewed Bars and/ or Pubs in Venice

Bar and/ or Pub Number of Reviews Rating
Bacareto da Lele 3867 4.8
Trattoria Bar Pontini 3226 4.4
Bar Florian 3183 4.0
Osteria Al Squero 3096 4.7
BEFED Brew Pub Mestre 3001 4.3
Old Wild West 2593 4.1
Cantina Do Spade 2487 4.4
Harry’s Bar 2300 3.7
Ristorante Rio Novo 2293 4.6
Stinger 2284 4.5

For this particular analysis, data was obtained via Google Business for February 17, 2023. Based on this data, Adagio topped the rankings as the best bar in Venice with a perfect 5.0-star rating and about 718 reviews. No wonder this has become the prime wine tasting destination in Venice and shows up at the top on Trip Advisor when you look up ‘Things to do in Venice.’ This is followed by Bacareto da Lele and Arcicchetti Bakaro with 4.8-star ratings.

The plethora of positive reviews for both of these bars also suggests how popular they are in Venice. Therefore, kudos to these three bars for having made it to the top in the ratings that are purely based on customer satisfaction. Overall, the top three on the “most reviews” list each have above 3000 reviews and ratings above 4. This suggests that their marketing strategies have proven sufficient to attract a wide customer base.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, this report provided a conclusive insight into the importance of business savvy and investment in promoting bars and pubs online. We at eKomi can help you earn positive Google reviews and promote your businesses. As a result, feel free to schedule a consultation to assist yourself. 

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