Top South African Real Estate Companies: eKomi StarInsights 2022

Top Real Estates South Africa


In our latest StarInsights report, eKomi presents insight into customer feedback based on Google My Business Ratings. The focus is on ten select real estate agencies in South Africa.

Getting to know how real estate agencies work through reviews provides customers with an insight into how the business operates, what previous buyers had to say, which agencies have good customer service, and whether they should consider that agency.

Industry Overview

Whether you are trying to rent a house, sell a house or buy one, this StarInsights will help compare real estate agents in South Africa to find the best agency for the job at hand. You can browse real estate agency reviews, view real estate agent complaints and compliments, write reviews, and view property agent ratings.

If you have been dealing with a less than legitimate real estate agent company, or one that makes you worry about falling victim to a real estate scam, this article will help you spot the best real estate agents from the worst real estate agents. 

It’s a two-fold scenario, while reviews are important for the end-user, they are also essential to the reputation of the Real Estate Agency. Perceptions of your brand or business is a major determinant of your market share in this real estate industry. 

Everyone is looking for every tool they can to build, maintain, and improve their reputation. It is with no doubt, that the key to improving any business operations is surely sitting online right now.

This industry is highly competitive, relying on many factors ranging from property prices, market situation, selling ability, and even persistence. Every real estate agency or customer has dealt with both good and bad agents at some point or another. 

Some of the most commonly filed real estate agent complaints include fraud and legal issues, false promises, and service and maintenance, to name a few.

Most Rated & Reviewed Real Estate Agencies in SA

Our StarInsights Report is purely based on official Google ratings and reviews. For analysis purposes, we have picked HQs of the Real-estate agencies in SA. It is, however, important to note that some top-performing agencies for each brand exist and some are highly rated. That said, let’s delve into the statistics.

eKomi: Best rated Real Estate Agency in South Africa

Real Estate Agency Head Quarters


Number of Reviews

Jawitz Property 4.8 45
Just Property 4.6 149
Redefine Properties 4.5 97
Tyson Properties 4.3 27
Chas Everitt 4.0 8
Pam Golding 3.3 26
Rawson 2.8 49
Remax 2.6 13
SEEFF 1.9 9

eKomi:Top reviewed Real Estate Agency in South Africa

Real Estate Agency Head Quarters

Number of Reviews


Just Property 149 4.6
Redefine Properties 97 4.5
Rawson 49 2.8
Jawitz Property 45 4.8
Tyson Properties 27 4.3
Palm Golding 26 3.3
Remax 13 2.6
SEEFF 9 1.9
Chas Everitt 8 4.2

Based on the official Google+ MyBusiness ratings, as of June 13, 2022, the best-rated Real Estate Agency in SA includes Jawitz Properties with a top 4.8 star rating, followed by Just Property with a stable 4.6 star rating from 149 ratings and reviews and Redefine Properties with a 4.5 star rating from 97 reviews.

Congratulations to the best-rated real estate agency for their exceptional performance and innovative marketing efforts. These agencies are putting forth tremendous effort to increase their reviews in order to improve their online image and visibility. The findings indicate how some agencies took a forward-thinking strategy by emphasizing real client connections.


It is important for other real estate agencies to invest in reviews. One can get a competitive edge over competitors and obtain a good brand reputation. It still remains a fact that customers want a clear and complete picture of what it means to be involved with your agency. What do you value as a business?? What does your buying process look like? What are your customer service, support, and success experience like? 

There are plenty of prospects sitting at the very edge of the conversion stage, just waiting for the final detail that shows them that they’re making the right choice. And reviews might be just the thing that helps them to take that final step. 

eKomi can help real estate agencies improve their reviews and ratings. By offering excellent ratings and achieving a high ranking on key search engines, eKomi has assisted countless companies from various sectors in increasing their bottom line. Essentially, eKomi will give this sector more exposure while lowering its risk.

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