An Assessment of the Forklift Industry in the United States

The Forklift Industry in the United States

An Assessment of the Forklift Industry in the United States

Forklift trucks are used by many people every day in a wide range of businesses and industries to keep operations running efficiently and safely while maintaining maximum productivity. And without assumptions, it’s very crucial for companies, to know which forklifts to purchase. Today’s article is based on research into the forklift industry in the United States.

Industry Overview 

Since their invention in 1906, Forklifts have become a staple in most warehouses due to their ability to lift and move large quantities and weights of material in small spaces. With the exposure to the online market and increasing demand for such a flexible machine, getting a high-quality forklift is not a matter of small investment.

Starting from the food and beverage industry and construction firms to transportation and logistics, manufacturing and retail and the e-commerce industry, the growth of forklifts has been experiencing a positive rise. The latest forklifts coming on the market are a study in competitive design. The top brands are outdoing each other, trying to deliver superior products.

In the wake of leading an exhaustive exploration on the forklift point, eKomi can securely say that the forklift dealers market in the United States is a quick-selling one. Each industry manages customers consistently, and the forklift dealers industry is no exception. 

Consequently, this StarInsights report has assessed the top forklift dealers in the United States, and has created outcomes through an inside and out concentrate taken on Google Maps. Below are tables that outline the best and most rated forklift dealers in the United States 

Most reviewed forklift dealers in the United States

Name of Dealer Most reviewed 
Badger Toyotalift  151
Toyota Material Handling  78
Hi-Lo Industrial Trucks Company, Inc.  22
The Forklift Pro Inc  22
Lonestar Forklift  18
Western Material Handling  18
Elite Material Handling  15
Forklifts of North Dakota  14
Wiese USA – St. Louis  13
Calumet Lift Truck Service Company Inc.  8

Top-rated forklift dealers in the United States

Name of Dealer Best rated
Badger Toyotalift 5.0
Hi-Lo Industrial Trucks Company, Inc.  5.0
Wiese USA – St. Louis  4.5
Forklifts of North Dakota  4.3
Western Material Handling  4.3
Toyota Material Handling  4.2
The Forklift Pro Inc  4.1
Elite Material Handling  4.0
Lonestar Forklift  3.8
Calumet Lift Truck Service Company Inc.  3.5

Based on the data given under the most rated table, Badger Toyotalift was the most rated forklift dealer with a total of 151 reviews. Second place was taken by Toyota Material Handling with 78 reviews, followed by Hi-Lo Industrial Trucks Company, Inc. with 22 reviews. eKomi, an agency that produces positive results has a vision to assist organizations with developing by infusing positive reviews to support natural traffic and business buys, states that these reviews are not anywhere close to satisfactory, and the forklift dealers industry can improve as to client reviews.

In terms of ratings, the results state that Badger Toyotalift, Hi-Lo Industrial Trucks Company, Inc., Wiese USA – St. Louis, and have good ratings of 5.0, 5.0 and 4.5 respectively. The lowest rating of the ten companies was held by both Lonestar Forklift, and Calumet Lift Truck Service Company Inc., with average ratings of 3.8 and 3.5. 

eKomi is satisfied to see that the business focuses on high ratings and salutes the CEOs of the very best appraised and generally assessed, however, it additionally encourages forklift dealers to work with rating offices like eKomi, to enhance client reviews and mirror the genuine appraisals of the organization, on the information given by the most noteworthy conceivable number of clients.

Bottom Line

Ratings and reviews today impact purchases, and are a manual for informing forthcoming shoppers about the kind and nature of administrations they offer. Appraisals and reviews work by going about as references and positive reviews go about as positive references, which toward the end of the monetary year, through the utilization of review and marketing strategies from offices like eKomi, mean development in sales.

eKomi will conduct one more examination in the following three months and expects all businesses in the forklift dealers industry to have an increase in reviews. Likewise, you can book a free consultation to learn more about how you can work on the dealership through positive reviews.


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