Best Barbershops in Cape Town (CBD)

Best barbershops

Best Barbershops in Cape Town (CBD)

The “best” barbershops are subjective and depend on personal preferences and needs. Some factors that could make a barbershop the “best” for someone include quality of haircuts, affordability, convenience, availability of appointments, cleanliness, and friendly service. It’s therefore challenging to select the best barbershop relying on such factors. In this StarInsights report, we’ve compiled a list of the best barbershops in the Cape Town CBD, based on customer feedback.

Necessity of Customer feedback to Barbershops

In today’s digital world, collecting customer feedback is an important part of running a successful barbershop, to grow the business and make it stand out from the crowd. After all, businesses operating barbershops will want to make sure that potential clients regard them as knowledgeable in the same sense. 

Additionally, when a customer gives the barber control of their hair, they expect the best. The client must feel certain that they have chosen the proper barbershop, by instilling this confidence through great reputation. A barber’s reputation management can make sure you have a steady stream of customers seeking for fresh haircuts. 

Certainly, this calls for excellent customer service, attention to detail, and a relentless approach when requesting reviews. That being the case, we were eager to uncover the best barbershops in Mother city’s CBD, therefore, we conducted thorough research on Google Maps and curated our entries based on their ratings and reviews. 


Barbershop Rating Reviews
The Barberchop 5.0 154
Harri’s Barber 5.0 71
Billy’s barbershop 5.0 61
Psycho Barber 5.0 29
Sleek Barbershop Cape Town 4.9 180
Modoqa Barber shop 4.9 169
Hermanos Barber Shop 4.9 147
Arabian barber 4.9 70
The Lion’s Den 4.9 68
Hermanos Barber Shop 4.9 60

Most reviewed

Barbershop Reviews Rating
Yogis Barbershop 624 4.7
Urban Men, De Waterkant 387 4.7
Legends Barbershop Long Street 310 4.1
Blokes Hair 276 4.8
The Traditional Barber 267 4.8
Hammies Barber Shop – Observatory 206 4.5
Barnet Fair Barber Shop 193 4.6
Widow Maker Saloon & Barber 173 4.5
Modoqa Barber shop 169 4.9
The Barberchop 154 5.0

From the above findings, The Barberchop, Harri’s Barber, Billy’s barbershop and Psycho Barber occupies first place with a perfect 5.0-star rating from differentiated number of reviews. Comparatively, in terms of reviews, Yogis Barbershop is by far the most reviewed barbershop as it received 624 reviews. Urban Men, De Waterkant, follows on the second-best most reviewed position with 387 reviews, while Legends Barbershop Long Street is third with 310 reviews.

As shown, above, we cannot help but admire the pro-activity and exceptional customer service which helped the listed barbershop to outshine others all barbershops in Cape Town CBD in both categories.

eKomi’s Recommendations to Barbershop Business

Given the importance of consumer reviews valuations for every business nowadays, barbershops should use them for marketing purposes. Low reviews indicate that customer service may be better when a company is successfully gathering client feedback. Reviews essentially increase a barber’s trustworthiness, entice customers to contact them, and ultimately improve the website’s placement on Google by increasing the trust index.

eKomi has assisted numerous companies in managing their online reviews and ensures trustworthy and genuine reviews for both customers and companies. To find out more about how favourable internet reviews can help your business grow, get in touch with eKomi right away. These testimonials are powerful marketing tools that will ultimately help your barbershop greatly.


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