Best Helicopter Tour Agency in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Best Helicopter Tour Agency

Best Helicopter Tour Agency in Rio de Janeiro

This StarInsights report, is a reassessment of the leading helicopter tour agency in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Most people would prefer to explore Brazil on foot. All things considered, occasionally it’s fun to observe things from a whole other perspective. Irrespective of the destination you choose to visit in Brazil, the difference between an amazing trip and a passable one can be made by selecting the best helicopter agency.

Market Overview of Best Helicopter Tour

Although there are many other uses for helicopters, a helicopter tour business offers scenic aerial tours to customers, giving them a unique perspective on the surrounding landscapes. As, such, the business operates by renting or owning a fleet of helicopters, hiring trained pilots, and booking clients for flights. Accordingly, Rio de Janeiro is the second state in Brazil with more than 145 private heliports and about 1,000 aircraft can land there each year.(Statista)

This demonstrates that the market for helicopters tours is rapidly expanding and that consumers have a wide range of preferences when selecting a helicopter tour service. Not only, do customers choose from a variety of tour packages, but also marketing strategies for helicopter tour businesses are the major determinant of which business gets a greater market share.  At the same time, also adhering to strict regulations and guidelines set by aviation authorities, to ensure safety. 

Despite the challenges, the helicopter tour business offers a unique and exciting opportunity for customers to experience the world from a new perspective, and can be a lucrative venture for entrepreneurs looking to enter the aviation industry.

eKomi’s Review of the Best Helicopter Tour Agency

When you Google, “best helicopter tour agency” in Rio de Janeiro, there are obviously a tonne of results, and every agency claims to be the finest. In the interest of selecting the best there is, one of the most trustworthy ways is to look at customer experience through evaluating client reviews and ratings online

By evaluating multiple reviews, a client can determine the overall quality of the service, and whether it meets their needs and expectations. The reviews and ratings posted on well-known, reliable review websites like, Google Maps, Trust Pilot etc. have an impact on these preferences. Against this backdrop, eKomi curated a list of the best helicopter tour agencies. The tables below provide an overview of the data collected.


Agency Rating Reviews
Rio Helicopters 5.0 58
Blue Sky Táxi Aéreo: Campo Olimpico De Golfe 5.0 16
Rio Helicopter Tours 5.0 11
Helicoptair 5.0 10
Rio Helicopter Tour 5.0 9

Most reviewed

Agency Reviews Rating
RIOCOPTER Passeio de helicóptero RJ 288 4.9
Rio2Fly – Passeios de Helicóptero Rio de Janeiro 210 4.8
Helisight 172 4.5
Passeio de Helicóptero Rj – Comandante Nobre 164 4.8
Rio Helicopters 58 5.0

The highest-rated company, according to Google Maps, is a tie between the 5 listed helicopter tours, all with perfect ratings of 5.0-stars. The only difference among these agencies in the number of reviews. It then makes sense to understand how the quantity of reviews work hand in glove with ratings to signify a brand reputation

Based on this notion, the best helicopter tour agency in Rio de Janeiro is RIOCOPTER Passeio de helicóptero RJ, with a stunning 288 reviews and a 4.9-star-rating. Generally, a high rating and multiple reviews is a desirable feature to mark credibility and a good reputation.  Chiefly, eKomi congratulates the leading helicopter tour agencies in both categories and applaud them for consistently producing quality service that results in positive reviews.

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Helicopter tours are big business in Brazil and there is a healthy competition between helicopter companies. As a result, researching and evaluating reviews provides a thorough understanding of, service, pricing, reputation etc, enabling you to make informed decisions. In, ending, we urge all helicopter companies to work with review agencies like eKomi to improve the number of reviews.

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