5 Ways Customer Reviews Are Helping Startups Select the Best Financial Model

The world is full of potential business owners who have great ideas, but their ideas never get off the ground.  There are a variety of reasons why. Many would-be startup owners fear the risk involved in starting a new business and prefer the security of a job within a larger corporation. Others have a great idea but lack the organizational skills to translate that idea into a business.  And, as always, there is the question of money. Even the greatest idea requires funding, and most potential startup owners lack the capital needed to get them started. But, with the number and variety of financial models out there and people willing to put their money behind a novel idea, that should not be the case.  Online companies such as BizPlanEasy.com are ready to help hopeful business owners navigate their way to business ownership, from selecting the right financial model to writing a “biz plan” to present to potential funding sources. That being said, how can the novice businessperson determine which company is the right fit for their needs? Customer reviews provide a wealth of information about companies like BizPlanEasy.  Here are five ways customer reviews can help startups select the best financial model and more.

Finding an Expert in Finance

There’s no need for entrepreneurs to reinvent the wheel.  You may have a great idea for a business, but lack the financial or legal knowledge necessary to choose the best financial model.  But, just like you are an expert in your particular field, there are experts out there in financing–and customer reviews can help you find the right expert for you.  A financing expert can explain to you the differences in the four main types of financing–equity, venture debt, convertible debt, and convertible equity–and advise you on which makes the most sense for you.  With so many “experts” out there, vetting them first with customer reviews is a wise choice that will help you weed out the fakers.

Expertise in Writing a Business Plan

People who have written lots of business plans know what belongs in a good one, which keeps you from wasting precious time and energy trying to figure it out on your own.  BizPlanEasy’s experts know the right questions to ask to guide you in this process. One satisfied customer extols the value of BizPlanEasy’s guidance: “…the result was exactly what I wanted.  I highly recommend this company. It forced me to organize my business plan in a quick and succinct fashion.”

Personal, Local Research–Even From Afar

You might not realize the extent of research potential financiers expect to see in a business plan, which is why you should turn to experts for help.  Anyone willing to give a startup a significant chunk of change will want to ensure that they have thought of all the details, from pros and cons of potential locations to possibilities for future growth.  New owners might not even know where to start, but the advisers at BizPlanEasy have the experience necessary to research your startup idea, no matter where you are located. One customer review states that, “The research they did on my business plan was excellent. They look for every detail surrounding the area I live in.”

Quick Turnaround Time

If this is your first foray into business, the various types of financial models are probably foreign to you. If you are looking for funding for your startup, you will need to write a business plan requesting a specific type of funding.  In some cases, you will need a quick turnaround time to present your business plan. In the time it would take you to independently learn about the various financial models, then choose the one that works for you, opportunities may be lost.   Reading customer reviews of others who have started their own businesses can help you locate an expert who can quickly advise you on what would work best for your particular situation. For example, one of the customer reviews for BizPlanEasy.com available on eKomi.com speaks to the rapid turnaround time he needed: “I needed someone to do my business plan in 2 days for a business loan…Well, they worked on the weekend, nights and came through!”  Other startups looking for a rapidly-produced business plan can utilize reviews like this to find someone to quickly write their business plan. Another one of BizPlanEasy.com’s customers, Jessica, turned to them for a business plan after she applied for a lease for the clothing store she planned to open. It never occurred to her that a prospective landlord would require a business plan, but hers did. She needed to submit her plan quickly because she was not the only applicant for the space.  BizPlanEasy helped Jessica put together a business plan in a timely fashion, and she was selected as the tenant.

Customer Reviews Provide a Real Feel for Customer Service

After pinning your hopes and dreams on your new business plan, it is nice to know that the people who helped you write it will stand behind it, providing feedback and revisions if needed.  Customer reviews are the most tangible source of customer service and satisfaction. Several of the reviews of BizPlanEasy.com found on eKomi.com attest to their excellent customer service: “They were extremely accommodating with changes and alterations,” and “I was very pleased with…their promptness and wonderful customer service.”

Customer reviews are, indeed, a valuable source of unbiased feedback and can be very useful to someone looking to start their own business.  But, how can you know which reviews to trust? At eKomi, we provide an outlet for transparent, genuine reviews all in one place.  When you read a bizplan premium re you can feel confident that it is from a verified, satisfied customer.

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