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A Market Analysis of Auto Glass Industry in Detroit, United States | StarInsights eKomi

StarInsights Windshields Detroit

StarInsights Windshields Detroit


Most people assume that company size can be an important indicator of its success. Contradictorily, the most important factor is its ability to meet customer needs, and also its flexibility to offer the types of products and services needed.

In today’s StarInsights report, we examine the best auto glass repair shops in Detroit, USA by assessing the market research data that reflects leading companies with a good volume of positive user ratings and reviews.

Industry Overview

Auto Glass means any glass that forms part of a Vehicle and includes windscreens, windows, internal and external lights, and sunroof. Consequently, therefore, Auto glass repairers replace window glass and windshields. They look at cracked windshields and judge if they can be repaired. In addition to stabilising chips and cracks, they also remove broken glass.

The auto glass industry is very pivotal to the automotive industry, making it big business in developed countries. To assist in your sourcing efforts and understanding of the automotive glass marketplace. eKomi has assessed the capability and nature of administration of auto glass shops in Detroit, considering the reviews and assessments by clients on Google Maps to convey the following tables underneath:

Top-rated auto glass shops in Detroit

Name of shop


Western Glass Company  4.9
Columbus Auto Glass  4.9
Excellent Low Price Auto Glass  4.8
Motor City Auto Glass  4.7
All Star Auto Glass  4.6
Grand River Glass  4.6
A&L Auto Glass & Electric  4.6
Super Auto Glass  4.6
Eureka Auto Glass  4.2
Holbrook Tire & Auto Glass  4.2

Most reviewed auto glass shops in Detroit

Name of shop


All Star Auto Glass  407
Eureka Auto Glass  382
Motor City Auto Glass  380
Grand River Glass  265
Western Glass Company  203
Excellent Low Price Auto Glass  201
Columbus Auto Glass  188
Holbrook Tire & Auto Glass  179
A&L Auto Glass & Electric  133
Super Auto Glass  91

 According to data collated in the table, the two best-rated shops are Western Glass Company and Columbus Auto Glass, with both averaging ratings of 4.9 stars. At the bottom are Eureka Auto Glass and Holbrook Tire & Auto Glass, with both shops having a good rating of 4.2 stars. 

The report also aggregated data based on the number of reviews the auto glass repair shops have. As such, the most reviewed auto glass shop is All Star Auto Glass, with 407 reviews. Next is Eureka Auto Glass at 382 reviews, closely followed by Motor City Auto Glass at 380 reviews. 

While we appreciate that reviews are the cornerstones of any business since they go about as references to progress and sell the auto glass shop. It’s important to note that these top evaluations have few reviews, and consequently, we urge auto glass shops in Detroit to foster their positive surveys by enrolling a survey office like eKomi, which can convey the best examinations and reviews using purchaser studies to reflect the shops’ services. 

Reviews similarly sway the mind of the client considering the way that a huge load of vehicles can get damaged at any place in the city, and positive reviews go far to convince them in their conclusions in regard to the shop they would contact to do their glass work. Such positive reviews also address sales development and further foster client-to-business relationships.

Congratulations to the CEOs of the best assessed and most surveyed auto glass shops in Detroit while notifying them that we will guide another assessment of the auto glass industry in the accompanying three months, and we expect that those stellar examinations will relate with a sufficient number of reviews to make them acceptable.

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