A Market Study on the Ferry Industry in India

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In today’s eKomi StarInsights report, we examine the performance of passenger ferry services in India. The report covers in-depth research on ten ferry services that were analysed about indicators and sub-variables of the Service Quality  they provided to passengers.

Industry Overview

A ferry service is a merchant vessel that transports passengers, cargo, and vehicles across a body of water in India. 

India is a great supporter of the ferry system to connect its states which includes Assam, Gujarat, Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and its neighbouring country Bangladesh. Naturally, a competitive ferry market sprung up with the formal implementation of this system in 2017.

With that being said, no one understands better the importance of positive reviews to drive sales upward like eKomi. A platform, known for having a team that is thorough with research and search engine optimization, has conducted a market analysis of the best-rated and most-reviewed ferry services in India using Google Maps.

Most reviewed ferry services in India

Name of Ferry Service 

Number of reviews 

Gateway Of India Mumbai 260,231
Dashashwamedh Ghat 47,662
Prakasam Barrage 28,299
Ghogha Dahej Ro Ro Ferry Service 1,240
Makruzz Private Limited 828
Boat Booking India 503
Green Ocean Seaways 465
Bhaucha Dhakka  401
Ro-PAX Ferry Service 117
Sultan Battery Ferry Service 85

Best-rated ferry services in India

Name of Ferry Service 

Best Rated

M2M Ro-Pax Terminal Mandwa 4.8
Gateway of India 4.7
Ribandar Ferry 4.5
Bhaucha Dhakka Ferry Boat Service 4.5
Elephanta ferry station 4.3
PNP & Apollo Jetty (MyBoatRide.com) 4.3
Karanja Jetty 4.2
Versova Madh Ferry 4.1
Dharamtar Jetty 4.0
Hampi-Kishkinda Ferry 4.0

eKomi applauds the CEOs of the ferry industry in India for applying good techniques to draw in more customers and performing quality services to derive great ratings and reviews. In the most reviewed section, Gateway of India, Mumbai comes up on top with 260,231 reviews. 

Below is Dashashwamedh Ghat with 47,662 reviews and is followed by Prakasam Barrage with 28,299 reviews. The bottom three reviewed ferry services are Bhaucha Dhakka, Ro-PAX Ferry Service, and Sultan Battery Ferry Service with 401, 117, and 85 reviews respectively.

The rating section also did not disappoint, with M2M Ro-Pax Terminal Mandwa at a high rating of 4.8. Gateway of India has a rating of 4.7, and Ribandar Ferry and Bhaucha Dhakka Ferry Boat Service are tied at 4.5. The bottom three also have acceptable ratings, namely: Versova Madh Ferry, Dharamtar Jetty, and Hampi-Kishkinda Ferry with 4.1, 4.0, and 4.0 stars.

The ferry industry conducts both online and offline services by offering ticketing and reservation services online and a range of services offline, including transportation and food, amongst others. These services are subject to reviews and ratings by business clients, and although India seems to be performing slightly well in that area, there is still significant room for improvement.

eKomi‘s concept is to improve upon these encouraging statistics, helping both brand and business to achieve exponential growth through an increase in positive reviews, which in turn should garner organic traffic and make more customers patronize ferries as a form of transport.

In three months time, we will publish another StarInsights report to follow up on the ferry sector. However, in the meantime we urge all ferry services in India to partner with world-renowned agencies like eKomi, to observe customer relations, conduct surveys and deliver authentic positive reviews using techniques targeted at improving the quality of service. 

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