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Introduction eKomi has compiled a list of leading dog trainers in this StarInsight report, providing readers with an inside look at their performance! With so many different breeds available, it can be difficult to identify dog trainers who provide the best services; this is why eKomi released this StarInsight report.

Dog trainers help pet owners create a better life for their furry companions and themselves. The work of dog trainers is essential to both the welfare of dogs and the satisfaction of their owners. Dog trainers help not only in terms of pet’s happiness but also its safety, which leads them towards having a much better quality of life than if left unsupervised or mishandled by an amateur owner.

In a world where online reviews can make or break a business, it’s especially important for dog trainers to get good online reviews from their clients. After all, potential new clients will likely look at reviews before deciding whether or not to work with a particular trainer. It is important for dog trainers to get feedback from their clients in order to improve their services. 

Reviews can help dog trainers understand what aspects of their training work well for clients and which ones need improvement. They can also help dog trainers connect with potential new clients who are looking for advice on dog trainers in their area. Overall, reviews are a valuable resource for any trainer wanting to better serve their clients and grow their business.

eKomi’s best-rated dog trainers

Dog trainers



Good Boy Training 5.0 206
Bark Busters Home Dog Training Southern CT 5.0 127
Bark Busters – Mike The Dog Trainer 5.0 114
Bark Busters North Brooklyn & Queens 5.0 99
Pawmos Pet Care 5.0 89
Haggerty Dog Training 5.0 71
Hudson Barks 4.9 84
The Dog Institute of Williamsburg 4.9 81
Bark Busters Home Dog Training Northern New Jersey 4.9 68
Our Gang Dog Training and Behavior 4.9 42

eKomi’s most-rated dog trainers

Dog trainers



Good Boy Training 206 5.0
Kathy Santo Dog Training 163 4.8
Bark Busters Home Dog Training Southern CT 127 5.0
Let’s Speak Dog Ltd 106 4.7
Pawmos Pet Care 89 5.0
Hudson Barks 84 4.9
The Dog Institute of Williamsburg 81 4.9
Heavenly Hounds Dog Training 81 4.6
Stronghaus Dog Training Center 78 4.6
Canine Academy, LLC 72 4.8

The best-rated dog trainers, according to Google My Business Ratings are Good Boy Training with a 5.0 rating and 206 reviews, followed by Bark Busters Home Dog Training Southern CT with a 5.0 rating and 127 reviewed and Bark Busters – Mike The Dog Trainer with a 5.0 rating and 114 reviews. These pet owners have maintained credibility and professionalism, which is evident by their reviews. They have maintained will be consistency in their work ethic, so they can stay on top of the industry trends and receive positive reviews from clients.

The most-rated dog trainers are Good Boy Training with 206 reviews and a 5.0 rating, followed by Kathy Santo Dog Training with 163 reviews and a 4.8 rating, and Bark Busters Home Dog Training Southern CT with 127 reviews and a 5.0 rating. These dog trainers are well-known for providing high-quality training services. In fact, many customers return time and time again because they know that when it comes to training their pets, there is no better place to go than the ones who make sure their pets are properly cared for from start to finish!

If you’re worried about your online reviews and ratings, don’t be! eKomi can help. eKomi has offered excellent feedback to dog trainers, obtaining high rankings on key search engines like Google! Contact us today for a free consultation on how to increase your reviews. eKomi is there every step of the way with trusted services that can have a huge impact on your business.

The StarInsight report on dog trainers will be updated within the next three months. With the recent rise in popularity of dog trainers, it’s important that we take a look at what has changed over time and if they’re doing everything correctly to ensure their business survival.

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